B2C Jewels Engagement Ring Review

B2C Jewels Engagement Ring Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On B2C Jewels In 87 Words?

B2C has a great variety of diamonds, top of the line return, shipping and payment policies, and at the 1st place we have to mention the 24/7 online chat, that offers professional personal who directed us exactly to where we wanted to get, either by budget or diamond style! B2C search engine and filter options are easy to use and very helpful! It is one of the best on-line engagement ring stores, that also allow you to have a bridal set in stand by for your wedding!

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On B2C Jewels In 87 Words?

At a first glance, we have to admit that we didn’t like B2CJewels design. We find it a bit old fashioned, but if that is the cons so whatever. The second and last dis-recommendation, hits B2C on the lack of refund option, which is now usually offered on most stores online and on street. If you are a 100% positive about your future to be fiancee’s flavor in a specific Engagement Ring and there are no doubts about her answer, that sure is the place for you!

B2C Jewels Facts:

B2CJewels was founded on 2004 in NY, offering online jewelry. The president is Mr. Yomesh Shah, and the business is an online store for a longtime running diamond market family. The head office address: 16 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036, United States.


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Is B2C Jewels A Scam?

Definitely not! B2C is perfectly legit, we made some tests and to make sure, and we can honestly guarantee that all diamonds are as described, employees consulting is helpful and honest. All examined complaints have been answered or taken into consideration, and the number of reviews fits the revenue.

B2C Jewels Customers Complaints:

Nothing to worry about, it seems pretty usual for that part, we found lots of customer reviews, as most of them were positive. All we could find as a negative, were once that a customer complained on a diamond sale that was missing and twice was a suspected transaction whose customer demanded his money back and claimed to be held by B2CJewels too long.

B2C Jewels- The Full Review:

For over 10 years online, B2CJewels offers a very large variety of diamonds, in a simple but smart online website that helps you fit the diamond you like to any kind of setting. Though the B2C design seems a little old fashioned, we found the search engine and technical filter very helpful and easy to use, so don’t let the 80’s colors blind you. We enjoyed so much the 24/7 online chat, which was held by professional consultants who helped us with setting some nice pieces that were under our budget limit. Reviewing B2C policies, we found some that are awesome and others a bit poor, for example the free shipping both ways and 30 days return are great pros. The lack of a refund option is a con. B2CJewels supply very nice educational information and the top of the art service- the try it now replica; a copy of your chosen ring, made out of industrial materials for only 9.99$. The online secure shopping, lifetime trade- in options and knowledge encouragement by the B2C team, it seems to us that this is one strong online engagement ring seller. A specific advantage of B2C Jewels is the large number of very happy customers, who were as worried as you are only a short while ago, but yet are now a few steps forward and are happy with their purchase. If you are into old fashion styling, this should be fun for you!

Our Final Conclusion:

B2CJewels is an excellent choice, based on our knowledge,experience and research online, we see B2C as a leading and promising online store to place your dreams and make an order. Don’t let the stylish old fashioned design fool you!

B2CJewels Ratings:

User Friendly 18/20

B2C Jewels is nevertheless up there in order to make one’s life easy. Buying an engagement ring might be frightening and sometimes even exciting, and it seems that with B2CJewels you can lay back and focus on your budget and selection. Both the search engine and the ease of use and navigation are creating a good  vibe and a great place to buy diamonds.

Variety Of Diamonds 20/20

If I had to complain about anything- it would be the too large number of diamonds. Offering so much, on top of a variety of settings and rings. Although there is such a big variety, it seems that the search engine manages to direct you straight to the point. Just be sure to remain on the right track when looking for your diamond engagement ring, and avoid any buying mistakes that may be affected by the variety.

Customer Shopping Support 19/20

We would like to mark B2CJewels customer support as our favorite so far, not only for the high level of representatives, but for the 24/7 availability, the great knowledge and ability to offer exactly what you ask for. A good Customer Care Team is important in order to avoid some buyers common mistakes.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 20/20

With all major credit card accepted, PayPal and bank transfer, the payment section is covered completely. B2C offers two ways shipping completely free, insurance and a 9.99$ for a demo ring, B2C gets a high grade! You can be sure that if you found your perfect engagement ring  here, they will find the perfect way of a charge.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 17/20

Returns are great- within 30 days, trade in is offered lifetime- under some regulations. As for refunds- a major con, as they are not optional as published online. We sure think that the replica is great for the style choosing but a refund is required for some unpleasant situations. In any circumstance, be sure to consult with B2CJewels on your payment and refund options.

2 Reviews

  1. Kick ass customer service
    My fiance bought my ring on b2c jewels and i has it resized at no time! I love my 3 stones ring and i think its the most beautiful i have ever seen!
    For sure will get our matching wedding bands and earrings rhere as well!

  2. nitially, I thought I had a good experience with this jeweler. Their prices seemed to be on target so I decided to use them. I worked primarily with Tina to get a custom setting and over and over she promised that I would get the ring “well before” a certain date that I needed it by. I, myself, had to make a call to see that my order had been delayed another week — I never even got a call from the company! They are so poor at giving updates. I was shocked and outraged by the unprofessionalism and unwillingness to appease me as a customer. They should have gone onto the streets of NYC’s diamond district and made my order for me in NYC. I was never told that all gems AND the assembly were done overseas and that I wasn’t guaranteed the date I needed the ring by. I am thoroughly disappointed with the company and would NEVER recommend them to anyone.


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