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Zoara Engagement Rings Review

Zoara Engagement Rings Review

  • User friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customers Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Zoara In 106 Words?

Zoara is active 24/7, in several languages, and it seems that both positive and negative customers’ overall experiences, are being responded by the company’s customer service. We believe that the combination of a good customer care, a “build your own” and a large variety of pre – designed engagement ring options, puts Zoara at a very high rank. has one of the best customer care in the business. The care center is one of the best we have seen so far! Zoara’s team helped and directed us thru some of the very best options we have seen so far, at a large variety of prices, designs and styles. Zoara offers a bridal set, which is also available s an add-on, pick your own engagement ring, and let her pick the other jewelries later on!

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Zoara In 81 Words?

Zoara has definitely having some online stock update troubles, along with payment confirmations and delivery timing problems. We believe that an expert, must be one in all measures. Clearly from the not too large numbers of complaints, according to the mass amount of customers that Zoara is not doing any false decisions or misleading on purpose, but yet this is a major con when searching for the perfect engagement ring, on the perfect timing, in the perfect box and so on.

Zoara “Engaging Diamonds And Jewelry” Facts

Founded on 2008, the Zoara online website is an extension of the old Zoara diamond’s companies, based in South Dakota, USA. The president is Tomer Tzach and the head office address is: 3501 W 57th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57108, United States. Phone:+1 800-431-0012

Operating Hours: 7am-5pm (PST) Monday-Friday.

Make sure to visit the showroom (by appointment) if you are heading anywhere around.

Zoara – The Full Review:

Zoara has actually been in the business for over 50 years, as diamond professionals who sale their engagement ring thru retailers all over the US. On 2008, after happy customers’ request, the management has decided to go all the way in, in order to reduce retailers fee and sale diamond engagement rings directly to the clients. We found Zoara operating a large retail marketplace, including some brilliant designs, excellent customer service and a “create your own engagement ring”. Zoara has received plenty of reviews, absolutely most of them are positive, and the negative ones, teach us that the business is running at full power, what sure is causing some fails, delays, misunderstanding etc’. We have to mention the compliments Zoara has won for its great customer service, what would always make us pleased when issuing a dilemma.

Zoara’s marketing methods are completely customer friendly, which means you will not have to receive any annoying e-mails, offers, phone calls or else. It has seemed to us that the Zoara’s policies of return, refund and re-sizing are among the industry’s finest, which allows you to be sure and take your time for making your proposal.

Zoara Customer Complaints:

We found some customer’s complaints, focusing on these topics: delivery delays, non available diamonds are displayed, payment issues and even negative professional engraving levels. We found some complaints justified, but we must admit that according to the large number of positive reviews and high sales, those complaints are absolutely reasonable and the number is not that high

What’s the News about Zoara Engagement Rings in 2018?

Introducing GIA certified diamonds, Zoara hit new heights in 2017. From giant diamonds to tiny sparkles, Zoara added a range of designs in 2017, out of which rose gold engagement rings were the best!

In the verified reviews on reseller ratings, Zoara has scored 9.29 out of its total sales last year. Simply put, if you’re buying from Zoara, you’re bound to be happy or even come back for more. Most customers recounted how Zoara’s price slashes were ridiculous. Do you think Zoara sells authentic diamonds for engagement rings in 2018? Tell us in the comments below.

Is Zoara A Fraud?

No! Zoara has been examined by our professional staff, both economically and legally, and we find that Zoara is not a fraud and is definitely legit as an engagement ring dealer. If that’s what you are worried about, don’t be! Zoara’s team is helpful and are there to assist you before, during and after your purchase. Not only we are not afraid of a scam, we can assure that using Zoara’s representatives will make you positive and sure about your engagement ring deal.

Our Final Conclusion:

Zoara Diamonds is a wonderful online retailer of engagement rings, who we found honest, legit, with a large variety of diamonds. We believe that these guys are professionals, and we can assure you that paying a visit to is recommended, and in fact one of our favorites. Getting your engagement ring deal on Zoara would be a good choice, however getting your bridal set deal on Zoara would be an excellent choice!

Zoara Ratings

User Friendly 19/20

Zoara is built with some extra ordinary thoughts, we find the website very friendly, with a nice search engine, very good filters, a cut to the chase policies descriptions and very nice proposal stories and tips. It took us about 3-4 minutes to get to the engagement ring we were looking for, along with extra 2 minutes of reading the main policies.

Variety Of Diamonds 18/20

We found over 200 different types of preset engagement rings, and along with an almost endless number of a “create your own” engagement ring combinations make the variety as large as you can imagine. For first time buyers, Zoara would be a perfect place to start your search, as you will be directly pointed at your final search results.

Customers Shopping Support 18/20

Zoara is one of the industry’s finest when it comes to customers’ support. Zoara representative operates 24/7, in some languages and it seems that even those who were unhappy with the experience for some reason, still mention the customer care for the good response. It is highly important to use the help of the customer care even before making a purchase, to be offered some bridal set deals, diamonds direct and even improved policies.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 19/20

Shipping is omitted to leave the factory within 2-3 working days, depends on the product’s value. All shipments are by UPS or FedEx, always insured and alternative addresses, military shipments are available.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 19/20

Zoara offers one re-sizing with free shipment fees, all other re-sizing would be free, but shipping fees would apply to the client. Returns are available within the normal conditions, whereas Zoara allows up to 45 days, which is the market’s finest. As for trade in, Zoara allows a lifetime trade in as long as the new product costs at least double and under some regular conditions.


  1. i clearly think that Zoara has a wonderful website, i like their designs and very close to make a decision upon that! COOOOOL prices

  2. i was looking for a really long time, and i have to say that Zoara’s diamond guides are one of the best, though i couldn’t chat with them on sunday, while other big brands allow a 24/7 chat, was my turn off-this is my only day for shopping.
    i like alot the sarch engine, the high quality photos and video’s options. My purchase wasn’t on Zoara, but i must mention my appreciation to this store for getting some of my winning idea’s, that have eventually got me to buy the engagement ring i dreamed of- and yes, she is happy.

  3. excellent choice, GOT MY WEDDING BANDS REAL QUICK, AS it seems to be in very high quality.

  4. Top quality with very fast shipping and immidiate respond at the email! I got my wife a 1 carat ring, with settings and resizing for less than what i have seen elsewhere!!
    Would come back again and for sure buy her next birthday present on zoara!

  5. We ordered ring on may 8, may 11 they charged our card. Today is may 20, and we still never received the ring. Every time I contacted customer service I would be told, it will be shipped on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, next week etc. I think it is scam and going to report this business to appropriate agencies. They caused so much moral suffering and stress. Do not buy from them. It is scam!

    • @Stanislav what was the outcome did you ever get your ring/diamond? I’m going through a similar situation at the moment and they’re asking me to provide all this other verification information and wire transfer some of the money which I thought was very odd. My diamond is very time sensitive yet they keep assuring me it will arrive on time. I’m reading a lot of horror stories but also see a lot of good reviews, don’t know what to believe. Any immediate feedback would help!

  6. This jewellry store lies a lot to the clients. If you buy jewellry be very careful because they sell PCP and they say it’s free… Or come with the purchase etc. But not free, it’s just the way salesperson say it.
    And in Auckland stores there’s always 3 to 4 Chinese working in the same shift, which is quite not a good look.
    This company always have lots f Asian in one store , standing around , talking and cherry picker.
    So do not even buy especially diamonds , because salespeople and manager lies a lot about the color and clarity just to sell.

    Not a good store especially when it comes to diamonds.

    • How racist of you, Mary Rose. Why else would you point out the ethnicity of their employees? If I worked there, I wouldn’t want to help a customer such as you.

    • What a disgusting comment. You barely have basic mastery of the English language, so I don’t see how you can possibly feel superior to anyone else.

  7. I ordered a pendant and it never came, they took my money and the pendant had been out of stock. Horrible customer service will never recommend this place.

  8. Good experience.

  9. Good evening
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    Our offer is valid till April 30, 2018

  10. Best jewelry purchase I have ever made

  11. I had a rose gold necklace from zoara. My GF likes it a lot
    The stone has a certificate and the price was low as hell!!

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