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Our Recommended Engagement Rings Stores

Here You Can Find Our Recommended Engagement Rings Stores:

Our Recommended Stores Section, is here in order to assist you in choosing your diamond engagement ring store. Our motto is to support stores with high quality and service standards. Our Recommended Stores offer expert consultant, a comprehensive service and information about the most recent trends. Most Recommended Stores additionally offer 24/7 customer support, compatible prices and are those who received the highest rank from our most important reviewers- our customers.

We guarantee that a Recommended Store, has a very high value of positive reviews, satisfied customers and a great score on our disappointing customer solutions. As a recommended, all images, videos and descriptions on-line, must be from the highest quality.

Whiteflash-ReviewWhiteflash is a recommended diamond engagement ring store, for it’s great value for money, wonderful customer services and large variety of diamonds. Whiteflash has won some of the most desirable customer protection programs awards over the last years. Do not forget to check out Whiteflash cushion cut and the uniquely designed engagement rings.

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3631Szul is an approved diamond engagement ring store, with beautiful pieces and great prices. Make sure you visit Szul as one of your engagement ring research. Szul is not only recommended for its beautiful designs and great variety, but for the prices that may sometimes seem unreal, as it is lower than most on-line and brick and mortar stores that we know.

Read More on our Szul Review. is a recommended affordable engagement and wedding rings shop! Ice diamonds offer some of the finest white gold engagement rings on-line, in addition to some non-diamond engagement rings, black diamond’s engagement rings and more!

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briangavindiamondsBrian Gavin is one of our recommended stores, we believe that MR.Gavin and his associates, have been making a change on the diamonds engagement rings market in the past years. We can assure that a quality of an engagement ring, that goes by the hands of the master, is a top of the line and will sure make the impression on the future to be fiancee. Our conclusion takes a measure of all reasonable issues that one must deal with before, making a purchase, and we can highly recommend making one on BrianGavinDiamonds.

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Leibish is wonderful! We put Leibish on our top engagement rings online stores, we could find there anything we wanted, starting diamond designs, create your own, good shipping timing, very good return policy and brilliant ideas that wouldn’t make you break your savings. Go For Leibish!

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b2cB2C Jewels is a top of the line shop, featuring excellent customer service as well as competitive prices on engagement rings. Our B2C Jewels review has found a very nice oval cut diamond engagement rings available for sale under this recommended seller.

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Want to share your experience with us? Bought an engagement ring from a store and you want to recommend? Bought an engagement ring from our recommended stores and feel as if you were scammed? Contact us or leave a comment and let us share your story.

Recommended stores are chosen weekly, and are under strict and consistent watch for customer complaints, engagement rings prices, policies and more.


34e7789a2e28d5f15ec231290039e958.pngDiamonds International is absolutely doing a wonderful on-line job for great engagement ring designs in fair prices. DI is not only one of the biggest brick and mortar chains in the world, but is also very famous at it’s Emerald cut engagement rings. This is for real one of the most interesting visits you will get on-line about engagement rings.

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idiamondsIDiamonds is an approved and reasonable prices engagement ring store, with wonderful reviews and lots of satisfied fiancées. IDiamonds Halo engagement rings, are in between our favorit’s styles so far, and it is indeed an outcome of great designers work, creativity and fabulous ideas.

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diamondsusa.pngDiamonds-USA has a wonderful on-line store, which you must pay a visit. Mr. Braverman manages one of the promising on-line stores for diamond engagement rings, that makes you feel as you are standing in front of the team for real. We personally recommend taking a tour thru the Diamonds-USA princess cut engagement rings, we promise a special experience.

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orogemOrogem is a GREAT place to look for complete jewelry sets. It is nevertheless perfect when it comes to customer care, the salespersons are helpful, professional and the jewelries are AMAZING comparing to any price you can find on the market!

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24diamonds.com24Diamonds stands for it’s own when it comes to on-line engagement rings stores. 24Diamonds is user friendly and a top- policies award winning. As a top seller, we recommend 24Diamonds for anyone looking for an engagement ring, cheaper or fancy, three-stones or halo.

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effyjewelryEffy Jewelry is one of the most unique engagement rings designer, a one of a kind artist that makes sure a personal touch is given to every piece that goes by his craftsmanship.  Not only the wonderful designs but the fun time looking around the on-line store should give you great ideas of your engagement ring.

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