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Leibish Engagement Rings Review

Leibish Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Leibish In 104 Words?

Leibish is a multinational brand, which means you should always be able to chat with a diamond expert at least on three different languages. We see in Leibish as a sorce for some of the most reasonable diamond engagement rings price range, as there are one’s you can have for less than 1000 USD. Check out the large variety of diamonds and see for yourself that once you have some design in mind- Leibish will sure make it real. We have to mention Leibish refund policy, which allows one’s to get a refund not only for ordinary products, but for DYO engagement rings as well!

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Leibish In 89 Words?

Why not actually? Leibish is not a diamond engagement ring only store, but Leibish also specializes in gemstones and colored diamonds. Leibish’s website is therefore packed with a large variety of engagement ring options that might put a doubt on the unique specializing on the traditional engagement rings. Leibish is in fact so colorful that we are wondering if they are diamond jewelers or rainbow colors distributors. Buying from Leibish means that you are on the same track as the biggest on-line stores, that you probably already heard of.

Leibish Facts:

Leibish & Company is a multinational online retailer of fancy color diamonds, color diamond jewelry, and rare gemstones. The company was founded in 1979 and opened its retail website in 1995. The headquarters are located in Israel as well as in Hong Kong and New York. In a matter of fact, we insist that Leibish is in between the world’s first and definitely a market leader when it comes to buying diamonds on-line.

Is Leibish A Scam?

Hell NO! Leibish is an old and reliable firm, which we found working by the book, offering reasonable prices and outstanding customer services. Leibish is our favorite with a close to zero negative customer reviews and an endless positive ones. Leibish is managed consistently choosing its customers favor, a fact that makes them in between our favorite’s diamonds stores.

Leibish Customers Complaints:

We are glad to inform that among some customer reviews that we went through online- FB, Google and so, we could only reach some very nice reviews! It has brought a smile to our faces, it is a rare situation for us to not see any negative reviews or complaints. For your personal peace and quiet, we encourage you to make your own market research, let us know if anything comes up!

Leibish “Fancy Color Diamonds”- The Full Review:

The company now known as Leibish & Co. began in 1979 when Leibish Polnauer sold his first brown diamonds to Garrard, the British Royal Crown Jeweler. He spent the next decade growing and establishing his reputation in the diamond industry. In 1990, Leibish, who specialized from the start of his career in manufacturing fancy shaped goods, started a 15 year partnership with Joske Herskovits.

Celebrating it’s 20th year online, the old firm of Leibish is now days one of our favorite diamond engagement ring store. Offering almost 300 different engagement rings, Leibish specializes not only on diamonds, but color gemstones and other wonderful settings. With a commitment for a 48 hour delivery, a fair money back guarantee that includes a “create your own” diamonds and very good transpercy of customer care issues, Leibish is to us on the top online engagement rings stores. We had in favor the Leibish DYO engagement ring, till it began to fail and send us to wrong pages when we finally selected our diamond, but we did like the concept. Leibish educational section gives us some useful information that is a must before you begin your research at any website or store. We also like to give a good rank for Leibish FB page, posts, the online chat and leave a massage.

The Leibish & Co. website also features a comprehensive knowledge center for the fancy color diamond industry, including many educational and informative articles as well as investment material, and also provides a channel of direct purchasing for global buyers.

Taking a deep focus on Leibish’s policies, we chose to grade their navigation, search and visual elements as 4 stars, probably top 5 for all our reviews so far, and we are talking of over 50 different diamonds on-line stores. The Leibish variety is indeed one of the largest we have seen, though it might add to the confusion most of us find ourselves while looking for an engagement ring, it for sure is very helpful when trying to find a design we have in our mind, and that way even avoid the option of a do it yourself diamond design! Leibish customer care is helpful but seems to have some technical problems- some of our e-mails were replied immediately, whereas some are yet waiting to be responded unfortunately. Payment and shipping policies are among the best we have seen, and it seems that Leibish are taking some risk upon non- closed deals and returns. For final, we would like to chart Leibish for the top diamond engagement rings return and refund policies, as they allow you a full refund over the longest period of all.

Our Final Conclusion: is wonderful! We put Leibish on our top engagement rings online stores, we could find there anything we wanted, starting diamond designs, create your own, good shipping timing, very good return policy and brilliant ideas that wouldn’t make you break your savings. Go For Leibish!

Leibish Ratings:

User Friendly 18/20

Leibish has a wonderful online store, that contains all the useful information you need. The search engine and filter options are great and easy to use, and the policies are clear and simple. Leibish navigation and visual aspects are great and allows you to easily and rapidly find your diamond engagement ring, including settings and design.

Variety Of Diamonds 19/20

The variety of engagement rings contains over 300 different ones, as there are diamond engagement rings, gemstones and a large number of setting options. We especially like the variety of prices. We always recommend everyone to first look thru a variety of diamonds while going shopping for an engagement ring, but nothing to worry about at Leibish- as all DYO diamonds are refundable as well.

Customer Shopping Support 18/20

We are happy to tell that all customer’s reviews are positive and some even mention the specific person that was assisting with their purchase or issue. It seems that Leibish’s people are experts both in diamonds and customer care. The 24/7 online chat is missing but there is a “leave a massage” option.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 18/20

Surprisingly, Leibish’s prices include all credit cards commissions, so not only there are no extras, but there is a discount for wire transfer which is unusual and very appreciated in our opinion. When buying at Leibish, you can put your worries behind and be sure to have your payment and shipping covered.

Returns, Refund and Trade In 20/20

That topic is a one of a kind when reviewing so many different online stores, Leibish offers not only a 30-days return and refund, but they offer it to all products, including a DYO diamond rings.

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  1. As I believe that a diamond store should be a fancy but intelligent one, i am glad to say that leibish is indeed one like that, as I received angreat customer support all along my planning and purchase.
    Leibish team helped me pick my diamond on a budget (4k) and than add the settings, distinguished between rose gold and platinum.
    Thanks leibish for my fiancée perfect engagement ring!

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