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Inspired Silver

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Why should you buy your engagement ring on Inspired Silver in 526 words?

Apart from the fact that Inspired Silver offers stellar jewelry with little or no quality issues, the shopping support is excellent too. Here are 6 reasons why you should buy your engagement ring on Inspired silver.

  • Quality of the Jewelry:

Akin to all the treasured metals like Gold or Platinum, Silver is also equally precious and important. As using silver in its 100% pure form is impossible, 99% of Silver is mixed with an alloy like copper when used for ornamental applications. This helps in strengthening the silver and the resultant genuine silver is the .925 Silver, which is also the only material that Inspired Silver uses.

Inspired Silver also offers custom makes of the jewelry, coordinating your tastes as well as the expert choices on the durability of your choice of ornament.

  • Trustworthy and easy Refunds:

The trustworthy aspect of buying from inspired Silver is that it has an iron-clad 30-Day Money-back guarantee. If a customer is dissatisfied with the delivered product, he or she can immediately sign-up for a 100% refund given that the item is still within the margin of 30-days since expected delivery.

  • One Year Extended Guarantee

If your item is past the 30-days return and you still aspire to exchange the product, you can also apply directly for a replacement order if you have availed the One-year extended guarantee. You must pay a fee of $9.99 as the fee for registering your jewelry for the same. The company vows to ship the order a suitable replacement within 10-14 business days in case of the afore.

  • Multiple Shipping Methods

Express Delivery – FedEX within 1-2 days at $26.95;

Priority Mail Delivery- US Post within 2-3 business days;

First Class US Post within 3-7 business days at $5.60;

International shipping within 10-14 business days at $17.50;

  • JMC Program

An exclusive program of Inspired Silver, this is the Jewelry of the Month Club, where the company sends a treasured jewelry every 30-40 days for registered customers. The ornament sent will be worth $19.95 plus the shipping and handling charge of $4.99, along with the state tax.

Every customer is offered the program of JMC at the end of the purchase. You can also sign-off the program if you feel that it is not comfortable or suitable for you anytime thereafter.

  • 3-in-One guarantee:

Another trademark safety of shopping online at Inspired Silver is that all of its purchases are covered within the 3-in-One Guarantee. This seal provides safety against ID Theft, Low Price Match and Purchase guarantee. Additional to the diamond geezers, Inspired Silver also provides extended holiday returns on all its items as a bonus sign, of trust.

  • Freebies with Inspired Silver:

Inspired Silver is an inspiring buy for anyone, regardless of your intent or occasion. With scores of freebies like free shipping on all order billed above $60 and free earrings on all purchases above $100, Inspired Silver, it is safe and lucrative to make your wedding engagement ring purchase on Inspired Silver.

Inspired silver also offers a protective Jewelry sleeve, free of cost to all its customers as an added protection for their precious jewelry.

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Inspired Silver in 242 words?

You should not buy your wedding ring on Inspired Silver because most verified purchases reported that their orders never reached them, in spite of adding the express delivery option that cost them high price. Most customers were notified by Inspired Silver stating that as the demand of the item was high at the time, according to company policies, stated in the ‘Terms and conditions’, the order was subject to shipment within 7-14 days.

Additionally, Inspired Silver claims that all of its makes are water resistant while simultaneously advocating not using it around water and other soapy substance. The recommendation is on the basis that the brilliance of the item diminishes if subjected to this prolonged use.

When you return an item to Inspired Silver you cannot re-address it as ‘Return to the Sender’.  All shipping and handling charges will be levied from the customer in such cases. Inspired silver offers no alternative for a bulk buy as there is no wholesale option provided online. The mages shown on for the items are not provided with a 3600 view and hence, if you’re looking for crisp detail before your treasured purchase, think twice.

Yet another significant factor not to purchase your treasured wedding ring on Inspired Silver is because the company allows little or no cancellation negotiations. Unlike most diamond geezers that permit the customer to cancel the order until the shipment is processed, Inspired Silver orders can only be returned once ordered.

Inspired Silver Story Facts:

Built as early as in 2003, Inspired Silver is a renowned branch of E-commerce Innovations, a family run business that is established via the internet. Specialized in consumer products, the business is built by four separate entities. The jewelry was set with a mission to provide fashionable ‘red carpet jewelry’ to the layman. From budget-efficient to extravagant, the wide array of jewelry that is rare and handpicked by the selected artisans are available for affordable rates at Inspired Silver. The head office is on 3245 Palms Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103, United States. Phone:+1 866-547-4583

Inspired Silver- The Full Review:

Inspired Silver is a fine jewelry to make your wedding purchase as it is affordable and available 24×7 for placing orders. Apart from the online portal of Inspired Silver, an interested customer can also place the order via phone or even via mail. The mail option can be effortlessly carried out by attaching a money order, name and details of the order you’d like to buy, inclusive of the fee for shipping plus handling charges. A customer can also place the order via phone or internet and then decide upon the notified date of arrival of the order at the nearest Inspired Silver Retail outlet as well!

All ornaments provided on Inspired Silver are crafted in the excellence of cubic zirconia for the sparkle, added with a rhodium finish to increase the durability of your ornament. The staff at Inspired Silver offers an all-inclusive shopping support as well as order placement assistance. You can avail the Live Chat or the Email Contact Request Form to get directly in contact with their expert staff.

The brilliance and fabulous craftsmanship of Isnpired Silver is advocated by many verified purchases such that the durability and authenticity of the jewelry is unique with one another.  The jeweler is also a highly recommended online wedding ring buyer according to elite magazines like Allure US Weekly, The Vogue, Star W and Instyle.

Inspired Silver Complaints:

The company is not BBB accredited, which is not subject to its credibility and authenticity and hence, the former has not rated the company yet. In the analysis of the past three years of its functioning on Better Business Bureau, Inspired Silver has gained no complaints yet. On varied portals like Yelp and Knoji, the jeweler has also scored high for customer assistance, safety and multiple modes of shipments offered.

Is Inspired Silver a Fraud?

Definitely not. Inspired silver is a trustworthy and reputable Jewelry seller that has been vouched as unique and precious by 90% of its verified purchases. With a wide variety of jewelry for engagement and wedding rings, buying with Inspired Silver is trustworthy with its high-encryptions and superior anti-hack security feature.

Inspired Silver Final Verdict:

According to our expert opinion, inspired Silver is a genuine jeweler with a trademark taste in all of its creations. We have found that the website is easy, trustworthy and safe for anyone interested in a hassle-free jewelry purchase online.

Inspired Silver Ratings:

User Friendly 18/20

The website is user friendly and responds all the queries of the customers without much ado. We liked the multi-disciplinary ease of navigation provided by the website that glides you through your wedding purchases with expert buying guide for silver.

Variety  Of Diamonds 19/20

Ranging from cost-efficient buys at $10 to luxurious buys at $2000, there are scores of engagement and wedding bands available to purchase at Inspired Silver. A customer can opt from the following parameters: Ring Style, Size, Metal Type, Setting, Stone Option, Finish, Color of Stone, Price and Category as well.

Customers’ Shopping support 18/20

The website offers an excellent shopping support to the customers. We applied via both its Contact email Form and Live Chat Email Form and we were promptly responded within the initial 2 hours via an automated mail. This was succeded by a definitive assistance within 16 hours.

Payment, Shipping & Insurance 17/20

Payment: You can pay via Credit Card, PayPal, Money Order as well as Check.
Shipping: You can avail 1-2 Day shipping at $26.95, Priority Shipping at 2-3 Days, First Class US Post at $5.60 as well as international shipping at $17.50.
Insurance: All return items are advised to be insured and covered in one-year extended warranty.

Returns Refunds and Trade- In 19/20

When buying with Inspired Silver a lucrative factor is that the Returns are easy as you can directly mail the item to the company, if dissatisfied with the craftsmanship. Al inspired silver products are covered under the lower price guarantee apart from the Extended Warranty for a year.  The customer can return the flawed item within a year of its purchase for an incremental fee. All refunds provided within 30 days of purchase are refunded within 30 days of registering the notice to replacement.

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