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Ice VS. Diamonds- Full Engagement Rings Reviews

Ice VS. Diamonds- Full Engagement Rings Reviews

Diamonds vs. Ice Engagement Rings Match Up

The two leading diamond sellers with almost the same (one-year margin of) founding date, Diamonds and Ice have also been a steady competition for each other since long. Having had a huge managerial shift, Ice diamonds has a new face at present. After our thorough analysis elaborated below, we have found shocking results about how different the two diamond geezers really are!



Began in 2000 as a small diamond geezer in a small, yet snobbish office, Diamonds is a celebrated online jeweler today. Set in the attractive location of Las Vegas, is an iconic jewelry seller that prices the precious stones at remarkably affordable prices.

At, you get the highest quality conflict free diamonds from a seller who genuinely cares about your jewelry.


With an exclusive online shop built with care and love, Ice diamonds was found in 1999. Bearing the veteran experience of being one of the oldest diamond e-tailors that was also a bright success since the start, Ice is a top-rated jeweler. Known as a diamond distributor, Ice is the ultimate stop for stylish and striking nuptial jewelry at an efficient cost!

Providing high quality personalized diamond buying, Ice is managed by multiple private diamond geezers.

Online/ Traditional


An exclusively online jeweler with one headquarters and no brick and mortar shops for jewelry sales, has served almost a decade and more as a skilled digital diamond seller. does not provide a funding option, which is the main attraction for majority of diamond buyers today. When proposing affordability, this is a major downside for its cost-efficient diamond purchase policies.


Known for its explicit transparency, Ice Diamonds does not have any markup or middle men prices on its one and only online jewelry store. Providing exceptional shopping experience directly online to the customers, Ice diamonds have no retail stores in U.S. Ice Diamonds team is spread out in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City.



With a slogan that has been etched in most hearts since forever, there is no lack of popularity for online. The slogan is- ‘Create a moment … that lasts forever’, denoting the diamond buying experience as an everlasting and evergreen moment, providing you nothing but the dream rock!

The slogan describes the very mission of the jeweler in all its clarity and is renowned by the slogan than its title, today.


With a slogan that summarizes its historical value to the diamond buyers around the world, has a catchy slogan. It is- Trusted Since 1999. True to its word, till date, claims the least of angry customers, and highest trusted customers, which is usually inverted for veteran jewelers online.

Providing an exclusive Ice Certificate with parameters of stars- Zero to Five, Ice also provides a genuine platform for customer testimonials.

Jewelry types


Providing options to customize your jewelry in any style that you desire, is a trusted diamond seller with endless jewelry type at its disposal.

Some of it best jewelries are

  • Bridal- Wedding Bands, Wedding Diamonds and Bridal Rings (for Bride and Groom);
  • Rings- Engagement Rings, Three Stone, Solitaire, Channel Stones, Diamond Accented and Fancy rings;
  • Necklaces- Diamonds, Solitaire, Brightfire Collection, Three Stone and Fancy Pendants;
  • Earrings- Studs, Fancy and Firebright Collection;


Offering a wide variety of jewelries, Ice is a celebrated bridal jewelry favorite too. With products displayed with their detailed descriptions including the uncensored customer service reviews, Ice is one amongst the best online jewelers.

Some types of jewelry that Ice has are

  • Rings- Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearl, Silver, Gold, Alt Metal, Halo and Fancy Rings;
  • Bracelets- Diamond, Gemstone, Pearl, Gold and Silver;
  • Earrings- Diamond, Silver, Gemstone, Pearl and Gold;
  • Necklaces- Diamond, Gemstone Pearl, Silver and Gold;
  • Wedding- Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Solitaire Rings, Three-stone Rings and Bridal Ring Sets;
  • Watches- Luxury Watches;

Number of Locations of the store


Diamonds has no physical store and is an exclusive online jeweler. You cannot opt for a store-pick of your engagement ring, if your upcoming proposal idea requires you to.


Ice Diamonds, is an online diamond seller, celebrated since decades for its superlative skills in crafting fine jewelry. This is the same reason why the online seller has zero physical stores.

Variety Of Jewelries

Diamonds boasts of having 40,000 varieties of jewelry and stones at its disposal. Some noteworthy varieties exclusive to is Connoisseur International, which has diamonds, three-stone and fancy varieties of pendants and earrings.


Buying from Ice is a hassle-free affair owing to their large inventory of loose stones of highest quality, clubbed with mesmerizing designs! Offering a large variety of wedding special rings in colors of stone-White, Black, Pink and Yellow, Ice Diamonds has one of the best online showrooms for Loose Stones (diamonds and gemstones), Three Stones, Solitaire, Double Channel, Diamond Accent and exclusive Julia Leah jewelry designs in the world!

Being an online diamond geezer, all of its tens and thousands of designs and rocks are all available at the fingertip of the customers!



Offering highly skilled professionals to choose the perfect diamond for you, has a variety of luxury stones in addition to affordable jewelry. The loose stones at start at the meager price of $197 and you can purchase stones of cost up to $49,991.00 too!

You can select the 4Cs of your diamond to calculate the total bill amount.


We are proud to disclose that Ice Diamonds has the best rated prices that we have yet come across. Starting as low as $8, Ice diamonds has many rings of high quality and expert artisanship for mind-blowing offers as well as discounts.

Having countless diamonds and jewelries online, Ice Diamonds has its highest priced at $135,180! From cheap to the flawless best, Ice Diamonds has it all!

Photos quality


The thousands of products displayed on are accompanied with a thumbnail image that says it can be enlarged; however it pops up in a new window with an image that says enlarged, but is of the same size. For some products, there are many angles of the same product for quality assurance from the customer, but most are accompanied with one medium quality photo.


Providing highly efficient and flawless photo quality than, each of Ice’s products comes with a high definition large picture as its display image on the site. Every product is accompanied by enlarged views of the front and bottom views of the product in addition to the real-time on-finger image.

Customers can also use the exclusive feature of ‘Drop a Hint’ to share the product with your loved one with a personalized e-card!



With golden and emerald hues as the backdrop of the official interface, has an appealing variety of products, designs and pictures alongside. One disappointing fact was the lack of high definition videos or pictures. The website does not provide a detailed video on the product from all angles, which is the trademark of any veteran diamond geezer.


Offering nothing but high definition lucid photos for audience’s view, Ice Diamonds has no 3600 rotational video for the products. Although, you can observe the diamond from all sides using the large and detailed thumbnail as well as enlargeable image.

Some More important Issues:


Vouching by its mission- that all diamonds should sparkle akin to the eternal flame of love, has many educational topics on jewelry and diamonds such as the 4Cs, Metals, Appraisals, Diamond Jewelry Care and Cultured Pearls.

Providing an exclusive educational topic on the Top Ten Bestseller Jewelries to choose from, has top notch articles on its website.


Ice Diamonds vouch that every buyer has the right to accurate jewelry education and the same is why it also has many educational topics on its official website. The veteran experts behind Ice provide many informative topics such as Diamond Care, Jewelry Care, Gemstone Education, Diamond Education and Pearl education.

The website also offers the details of its affiliate program.

Contact methods

Diamonds promises to respond to all inquiries are responded within two business days as well. The various contact methods available with are

133 E. Warm Springs Road, Las Vegas, NV 89119

The customer service hours at are Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00.


Available 24×7 for customer queries, Ice has highly qualified diamond experts as their customer care staff and offers a personalized shopping assistance. Apart from a personal jewelry expert, you can also contact Ice via

  • Live chat- Online- Customer service Hours;
  • Toll Free Phone Number- 1-800-539-3580
  • Fax- 1-888-510-1219
  • Email Contact Form- Available 24x7Online;
  • Mail

1515 S I-35, Ste 200, Austin, TX 78741

 The customer service hours of Ice are Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 7:00pm EST,
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00am – 6:00pm EST.

Reply duration


Promising to respond within one day, the contact us page of was a tad bit misleading in our case. The customer service representatives took more than 48 hours to respond to us when contacted via the email contact form. In fact, the lack of live chat is significant downer for the diamond shark of online jewelries.


One diamond seller that actually works just as described is Ice Diamonds. Ice promises to respond ASAP and its Live Chat offers exactly the same. Using the Email contact form, we were able to reach the customer care within 12 hours too!

Auto spam


Having Auto Spam enabled, has an official page that is ranked 4th as well. The same applies to its average Alexa rank of 417032, having about 3 top visitor countries- U.S, U.K and South Africa.


The official site is a strong and ironclad site with its Auto Spam on with a page rank of 4th and Alexa Rank of 35663. The top visitors on Ice are U.S, India, Canada, China, Pakistan, Australia and Israel.

Customer Care


We have had a disappointing session with the customer support representatives from Even though the website assures that the response is within 24 hours, we failed to receive one when contacted via the online contact form. Finally when we did receive the support via direct mail, we were satisfied with the reps.


We had a pleasant time interacting with Ice’s customer service reps. The Customer care is intelligent, efficient and very accommodating to the inquiries. All the customer care reps are highly educated n jewelry care as well as to troubleshoot the same.

User Friendly


Set in a basic black and white theme, The homepage also has moving graphics like falling red rose petals and other goodies to enthrall a couple or create the romantic vibe.


Set in a high quality theme and design, Ice’s official website is user friendly and easy to navigate. Ice has attractive features apart from being beautiful, colorful and easy to read.

Financing options


The official FAQ emphasizes that offers no layaway plans for its customers.


Ice Diamonds, offers no financing plans for its customers.

Payment methods


The official website clarifies that in order to make a purchase on, you must use a VISA, MasterCard, Credit Card or Wire Transfer. You can also split up to 2 cards to make one order.

To do a wire transfer, make sure to contact the customer representatives beforehand, for the accurate billing address.


Offering multiples modes of payments, Ice Diamonds has all the major credit cards registered on its database. Customers can use VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card to pay their bills when purchasing on Ice Diamonds.

Ice also accepts PayPal credits for jewelry purchases.

Shipping policy


Levying sales tax in nowhere but Nevada, there are no shipping charges levied by when the delivery is in other states. The seller uses insured carriers that are highly reputed and demands the addressee’s digital signature at the time of delivery.


Ice diamonds proudly offers free shipping on all orders above $50 within the United States which takes 5-10 days for delivery. Having a sales tax of under $10 for Canada, Ice also offers International Shipping. Customers can also track their orders, in addition to the phone assistance for the same.

The other shipping options provided by Ice Diamonds are

  • USPS First-Class Mail- $5.99 taking 5 to 6 business days;
  • USPS Priority Mail- $9.99 taking 4 to 5 business days;
  • FedEx 2Day- $14.999 taking 2-3 business days;
  • FedEx Standard Overnight- $19.99 taking 1-2 business days;

Refund policy

Diamonds is renowned for its no-questions-asked-100% refund (exclusive of shipping charges) or returns policy for customers who receive damaged or wrong items. If you fall into this category, offers a 21 day warranty from the date of delivery.


The official website guarantees that all orders will be refunded 100% provided the customer is dissatisfied with the order and the order is returned within 30 days of delivery. All return shipping fees within U.S are refunded as well, while Canadian Orders are charged $6.50 fee as shipping.

Trade in policy


Offering no trade-in, provides repairs and resizing are provided free of charge. Returns of items are restocked at a fee of $150.


The official website of Ice provides no information on the trade-in or upgrade policy of diamonds, but educational topics on how to care for jewelry appropriately to preserve it longer.



Working as reputed online store since almost two decades, has its headquarters at 133 E. Warm Springs Road Las Vegas, NV at the ZIP code of 89119. The website is analyzed at a gross total of $8,911 with about 887 unique visitors per day.


Providing the best of online services since almost two decades, has its headquarters in Austin, TX, USA. The website is a net worth of $104,205 with about 10,375 unique visitors to the official website every day.



A prominent part of the Jewellers Vigilance Committee, is also a strong voice of the conflict free diamonds as well as Fair Trade Policy.  The stock of diamond on comes from Sierra Leone.


At Ice, the diamonds are sourced from conflict-free sources that are also highly reputed and renowned. The official website also provides exclusive detail on the seller’s conflict free policy of diamond acquirements.



The president of is Mr. Shmuel Gniwisch.


Mr. Brandon Proctor is the CEO of Ice Diamonds.

Our Final Conclusion:

According to our unbiased and technical review, we have found that Ice diamonds has 10x better designs, affordability, variety and customer care service than We believe that has to work on its customer care services thoroughly to match up to Ice!

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