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Ice Diamonds Engagement Rings Review

Ice Diamonds Engagement Rings Review

  • User friendly
  • Variety of diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Ice Diamonds in 55 words?

Ice diamonds is exactly what I expect from an online company, with a clear and simple to use online shop, ice allows us customers to have a very good view on special engagement rings designs in a large variety of prices. Ice diamonds has been cheered by all the big names on TV and newspapers.

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Ice Diamonds in 64 words?

Ice diamonds is a one of the oldest online companies, which makes me come in demand to have the ability to get a good education, but as an engagement ring “dummy”, Ice is only allowing you very little of it. Ice diamonds unfortunately suck with the fact that being so big, have not released them from getting some bad reviews without an appropriate response.

Ice Diamonds facts:

Founded in 1999, Ice is an online diamond distributor. The CEO is Brandon Proctor, the headquarters is located in Austin, TX, USA. Ice is privately owned and has a few dozen employees.

Is Ice Diamonds a fraud?

Ice diamonds is a very well known online company, definitely on the big boy’s court, which makes us pretty calm and safe. I have checked some business complaints organizations and haven’t found any suspicious complaints. Ice diamonds is not a scam.

Ice Diamonds customers Complaints

Ice diamonds is a very common name, used not only for this specific company; it is a diamond style as well etc’. From what I found, I may say that there is a very low volume of complaints considering the long time that ice diamonds has been working.

Ice Diamonds- the full Review

Ice diamonds is an Austin Texas company who happened to be one of the first online stores. Being online for over 15 years, has given ice a very good reputation in all subject to be examined. I personally believe in the large number theory, which means that if you last long enough, sell a lot of products and get to stay inline with the big names, you must be honest. At a glance, ice diamonds looks clear and easy to navigate in, allowing you to pick from a large variety of items, with very nice options to pick from different prices, styles and designs. Exploring the web, I have found a very small amount of bad reviews, complaints and other tweets about ice, but they all disappear along side all the good reviews and pleased customers. Ice has no shop. no sales people that make large commissions and so claims to be a direct distributor at a very good value for money.

 My final conclusion

Ice is indeed one of the first online engagement rings distributor, so we believe that they deserve some credit for fighting the big sharks! Ice would definitely show a very wide variety of diamonds and are always open to hear and respond. We recommend Ice for engagement ring shopping.

Ice Diamonds ratings

User Friendly 18/20

This is a very simple and easy to navigate diamond store, very much look alike our favorite’s smartphone apps, making the completely perfect diamond search very nice and clear, there are very basis search options; price, type, gender and more. Definitely friendly!

Variety of diamonds 19/20

Ice is not one of those huge retailers, but a small online jewelry shop who happened to make the whole experience different. Ice gets in touch with designers all over the world and help them sale their products. While shopping ice, you will have one of the biggest selection of diamonds available online or at any other showroom.

Customer Shopping Support 18/20

On the one hand, I found ice does not have an online chat available outside business hours. On business hours- I had to wait quite a while, but on the contrary, Along with brilliant, surprising and special designs, ice also provide very convenient customer care and customer service, in fact, ice does not specialize in making diamond rings, they specialize in making the sale, arrangement and customer service.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 19/20

Ice is giving us exactly what we ask for- shipping is free over 149$, returns are free of charge within the US, as for Canada a very small fee of 6.50$ would apply. A warranty is an obligatory, and payment options include all major credit cards and PayPal.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 18/20

A refund or return are available within 45 days of receiving the product, the conditions are reasonable- the product is in its original packaging, certificate of authentic is attached and the product was not harmed.


  1. great great great
    i was on ice. com,though i had got my self a watch on the first time i was looking for an engagement ring, but the service i relieved was so great that i had no doubts that i will also have my cushion cut engagement ring purchased here as well. it took a while for me to find exactly what i wanted, but i was assisted by the Jane, who was an expert and answered every question i had. the most important tip was to have a bridal set available, and one was reserved for me as well with no extra charge. i highly recommend ice diamonds, both for your rings and other jewelries.

  2. Though a bit old fashioned, i liked my shopping on ice. I got a vintage necklace, that fits my 14k earrings and it looks perfect. I was wAiting for a while on that necklace and finally it went on sale, so i could afford it as a gift to myself. Arrived after 72 hours, and i am in Los Angeles.

  3. Customer service not as good as i expected, but i received my engagement ring well packed, looks great, got it evaluated for almost 20% more than what i paid!!
    Thanks ice!

  4. Got my easter earrings on
    I am very happt, satisfied and it is great!

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