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Fascinating Diamonds Engagement Rings Review

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  • Payment, Shipping & Insurance

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Fascinating Diamonds in 300 words?

Engagement ring buying is not easy online. Moreover, without researching deep about an online vendor, spending thousands of dollars is not reasonable. You must avoid Fascinating Diamonds because

·         Custom Made Rings are Non-Refundable

Fascinating Diamonds is famed for being the online custom engagement ring maker however a key reason not to buy from FD is that all custom made rings are non-returnable due to the uniqueness of the order. In short, think five times before you lock your buy. Another disadvantage of custom made rings from Fascination Diamonds is that the fitting and long term usage is not assured as the design is unique.

·         Cheap Gold

A small minority of the customers claimed blackening of fingers, which is an allergic reaction to sensitive skin type. When there is cheap gold used in the making of jewelry, such an adverse skin reaction is noted.

·         EGL certification faked as GIA

One customer claimed that her diamond was promised to be certified by GIA before ordering but when she rechecked, the certification was found to be EGL. In the confrontation, Fascinating Diamonds broke the response midway leaving many questions unanswered on iVouch.

·         Non-Refundable Shipping Charge

The official webpage of Fascinating Diamonds claims that the shipping charge of $20 is not refundable if you wish to return your jewelry within the 30-day window regardless of your claims. In addition, not all rings can be resized and in the event of such a requirement, surplus charges are cut for making a new ring.

·         Lack of Appraisal Certificate remits surplus charges

If you do not have the appraisal certificate that was provided with your purchase from Fascinating Diamonds, when returning, FD will cut $100 to remake the appraisal. As appraisals are availed from a GIA certified gemologist, remaking is the only option when you’ve lost the original, for restocking.

·         Delayed Response

A minority of the verified reviewers claimed that when applying for a return, customer service prolongs the response unlike the buying experience. As Fascinating Diamonds is a giant diamond engagement ring vendor, it might take up to a week to get a satisfied solution when troubleshooting with Fascinating Diamonds.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Fascinating Diamonds in 500 words?

Buying your engagement ring from Fascinating Diamonds is perfect if you’re looking for a state of the art quality ring. In addition to being a favorite amongst brides, Fascinating diamonds has excellent men’s jewelry designs too.

The best bonuses of buying from Fascinating Diamonds are

·         Customized Rings

Best website for customized rings, Fascinating Diamonds has an innovative and simple way of designing diamonds, via the four steps. To make a unique and captivating engagement ring from FD, select your ring setting, metal, centre stone from precious gemstones or diamonds.

Customers can select gemstones based on the ring setting, shape, budget, style, metal and financing options. The vast variety and experience make customizing engagement rings at Fascinating Diamonds a truly memorable event.

·         GIA Certified Conflict-Free Diamonds

Free from the dark blood of conflict diamonds, Fascinating Diamonds sell nothing but GIA certified diamonds that are strictly conflict-free. FD also has Kimberly Process Certificate, making it a genuine online engagement diamond seller. As the stones are GIA certified, the inclusions to the finesse of your priceless ring can be estimated without hassles at any time.

·         Efficient customer service

The experience rating of the customer service staff at Fascinating Diamonds is vouched as amiable and highly reliable. Most customers have received overwhelming support from the co-founder ‘Raj’ throughout the purchase and even after!

In addition to the email contact form, FD also provides Phone Number, Physical Address, Email Id and Live Chat support to help customers at all times.

·         Multiple Financing and Payment Options

AFFIRM is a financing option where customers can choose to pay the complete payment for an engagement ring within a span of 6-12 months. Cutting the stress of money when you’re feeling the overpowering love to propose to your lady love, with AFFIRM at fascinating diamonds you merely need to provide your identity information to process the request through directly from your shopping cart.

The interest rates can vary in the range of 10- 30% APR. Approval of loans is quick and within a wink in addition to charging zero late payment fees. Multiple ways to pay for your item is a bonus as Wire Transfer to Paypal, Amazon Payments, and Bill Me Later are the options additional to credit cards.

·         Price Matching

Another innovative attraction of shopping with Fascinating Diamonds is the promise of matching the least price offered for the same original design elsewhere, if lower than FD. Part of the customer satisfaction guarantee of Fascinating Diamonds, Diamonds Price Matching Program assures fair value for the diamond you purchase at FD. Price matching is available solely for products not on offers or customized personally.

You can call on the number 212.840.1811 for any queries on the price matching program.

·         30-Days Return Policy

Offering 100% Refund on all products (except customized) when returned within 30 days from the date of receiving.  To return an item, you must contact the customer care in order to avail the authorization code at Remember to insure your item when sending the package to Fascinating Diamonds in addition to enveloping the original covers.

The warranty is void if there is damage to the jewelry upon return. Moreover, all certificates provided by Fascinating Diamonds at the time of buy should be returned in addition to $20 shipping charge.

·         Lifetime Warranty

Fascinating diamonds are renowned for their unbreakable vows such as the lifetime warranty on all items. Fascinating diamonds offers ring cleaning, polishing, re-dipping (rhodium), stone tightening, replacements on pave or micro pave setting, free of cost for one year and assurance of quality  for a lifetime. Customers who insure the ring are covered under theft as well.

·         Free Shipping and Quick Delivery

Years of serving jewelry lovers have made Fascinating Diamonds responsible as all orders avail a free coupon of Cost-Free Shipping. The standard delivery is fast as it is offered via multiple services such as FedEX, US Post and UPS. FD also offers 2-day, and overnight options for speedy delivery.

Available for domestic and international customers, Fascinating Diamonds provides insured shipping, tracking and exclusive options for military personnel.

·         Discount for Professionals

Fascinating Diamonds also offers an attractive discount of 5% for people working in Military, Medicine, Education (Teaching) and Law (Lawyers). Enter the promo for the same during checkout and 5% discount will be quickly added to your purchase.

·         Comes in a LED Box

The best attraction that woos most customers is the overnight protection case for your engagement ring that comes with a LED to keep it lit through the night. As LED does not contain UV rays, your centre stone will never fade as it sparkles throughout the night in addition to making it easy to find. Moreover, for all purchases above $3000, a sturdy and authentic black box with superior resources is gifted.

Fascinating Diamonds Story Facts

Founded 13 years back in 2003, Fascinating Diamonds is owned by Mr. Salil Shah. Fascinating Diamonds is an online store without any physical branches but a reputed online shopping website. Having a diverse variety of gorgeous ring designs, Fascinating Diamonds specialize in custom made rings.

If you want to have a direct word or physical agreement with FD, you can visit the office at 42 West 48th St. Suite 1603, New York, NY 10036. With a motto of ‘Best Quality is our Guarantee’ Fascinating Diamonds provides a divine fusion of diamonds with revolutionary art. Known for loose stones and fine jewelry, Fascinating Diamonds is headquartered in midtown Manhattan at the Diamond District.

Fascinating Diamonds is Co-Founded by Rajkumar, a graduate from GIA with 15 years of high-end gemology experience under his sleeves. Rajkumar personally checks and interacts with his customers for maximum satisfaction during buying.

Fascinating Diamonds Full Review

A reputed online diamond geezer known for exceptional customer service and stellar diamonds, Fascinating Diamonds sells nothing but conflict free diamonds certified by the GIA. Having ten plus years of experience catering to a vast online diamond and wedding community, Fascinating Diamonds has an impressive record.

Many verified purchases vouch that the co-founder directly resolved the queries of the customers even months after the purchase. Every product is personally inspected and approved by Rajkumar prior to shipping as well. Fascinating Diamonds is hailed for its amiable customer service amongst top diamond geezers for the highly trained staff. FD is also one of the top customized diamond engagement ring sellers online.

From freebies to bonus goodies, Fascinating Diamonds is a perfect place to pick your choice of precious stones for engagement rings. Unlike most online diamond sellers, you can close your eyes and buy from Fascinating Diamonds owing to its 100% genuine Lifetime guarantee to polish and repair your jewelry at no extra cost. Clubbed with exclusive discounts for inspiring professionals, Fascinating diamonds is a super-saving wedding jewelry website. With a dedicated blog on diamond and jewelry education, Fascinating Diamonds guarantees 100% Customer Satisfaction as well.

If budget is stopping you from proposing your lady love, Bill Me Later or AFFIRM from Fascinating Diamonds is the perfect financing plan for you. FD also provides multifarious options to pay even via bank transfer or Paypal.

Keeping the positive features aside, Fascinating Diamonds has disadvantages such as the wrong certification and using of cheap gold too.

Hence, if you’re dissatisfied the quality of your jewelry, remember to replace it for a 100% refund within 30 days from the date of receiving. When you shop with Fascinating Diamonds for your big day, nothing can go wrong, instead everything will be brilliant!

Fascinating Diamonds Complaints

Very few customers have shocking complaints such as ill-fitting ring where centre stone slides to the side and irritates the finger folds. Fascinating Diamonds maintains a clean record of 100% Satisfaction Guarantee however, using of Cheap Gold as vouched by customers who suffered from black fingers as well as wrong certification is a blur. Yet another serious confusion is certification being from EGL although advertised as GIA.

There are 183 verified reviews of Fascinating Diamonds hosted by iVouch. Click here to check the reviews and photos of jewelry purchased from Fascinating Diamonds. According to the Better Business Bureau, Fascinating Diamonds has one complaint which just the result of a delayed communication. The issue was duly solved on BBB by fascinating Diamonds.

Is Fascinating Diamonds a Fraud?

Better Business Bureau has rated Fascinating diamonds A+ grade for having 0 complaints since 2010 December 20. Fascinating Diamonds is a legitimate online diamond engagement jewelry and loose stones seller with credible experience.

Fascinating Diamonds is a custom engagement ring maker with extensive experience and attractive customer service incentives.

Fascinating Diamonds Final Verdict

After careful examination, analysis and inspection of the online diamond jewelry seller Fascinating Diamonds, we have come to the conclusion that Fascinating Diamonds is a legitimate and reputed seller. FD has 99% of 5-star ratings and highly positive reviews from especially couples. Wedding Jewelry is the primal focus of Fascinating Diamonds. If you want the best custom ring with maximum options during the designing, Fascinating Diamonds is the best pick!

Fascinating Diamonds Ratings

– User friendly

The website is easy to navigate and set in the theme color red. The blog is filled with information and gorgeous ring designs in addition to elaborating how easy it is to customize an engagement ring.

– Variety

Focused exclusively on Engagement Rings, Fascinating Diamonds has many prominent varieties of engagement rings such as Vintage, 3-Stone, Trio, Halo, Milgrain, Split Shank, Petite and Solitaire to choose from. The images of the products are accompanied by 3-4 high detailed photos and testimonials.

– Shopping support

The top rated Ebay Seller offers multiple communication options

  1. Live Chat
  2. Email Contact Form on the Contact Us Page
  3. Email Address:
  4. Phone: 840.1811
  5. Address: 42 West 48th St. Suite 1603, New York, NY 10036. With

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance

·         Payment

You can pay via Paypal, Wire Transfer, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Amazon Payments and Financing Options.

·         Shipping

  • Standard Free Domestic Shipping: $0.00
  • 2-Day Shipping: $24.99
  • Overnight Shipping: $29.99
  • International Shipping: $99.99

·         Insurance

All packages are insured from shipped from Fascinating diamonds. For insuring against theft, the customer should register additionally.

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