Diamonds International Engagement Rings Review

Diamonds International Engagement Rings Review

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Why should you buy your engagement ring on Diamonds International in 60 words?

Offering only 350 different diamond engagement rings online, along with other wedding bands, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other fine jewelries, I find this website very colorful concerning the variety of designs, in some affordable prices. The Diamonds International landing page and search engine are very easy to handle and have helped me get my concept of the engagement ring I want.

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Diamonds International in 80 words?

This is definitely the bottom of the rack customers’ reviews and complaints ever written about any diamond engagement ring store, and trust me, I have gone through a lot. From what I see, it seems that Diamonds International stores are more about the fraud than the fair business, brand or good name, overpriced products, poor quality and bad customer service are only the tip of the tale. We hope that by the online store some of the bad attitude is hidden.

Diamonds International “The largest duty-free jeweler in the world” Facts:

Diamonds International is a privately owned international jewelry manufacturer, founded on 1968. The company is headquartered in New York, NY, USA, holding over a 100 locations all over America.

Diamonds International- the full review:

With head offices in New York, the more than two decades company holds a very developed website and over 100 showrooms on the world’s exotic locations. Diamonds International, offers some fine categories of diamond rings, loose diamonds, engagement rings, men jewelries and much more gift options, though searching the variety of every collection, sums it up to only a little and under the average selection. As for quality, this company supplies a certificate for every piece sold online and in store, I find that customers too often complained about the lack of honesty or overpricing of products. The stores are always impressed, but at your doorstep, you will find out that an enthusiastic salesperson is walking right behind you with every move, might get off your mood for shopping. In total, I recommend considering any purchase from this website as a chance taken, a chance that you are trapped in the net of bad customer care persons when you might need them, or a chance that you can buy a nice diamond ring in a fair price.

Diamonds International- Customers Complaints:

I have a real dilemma where to start on this issue, considering the fact that these websites and stores have some vast amount of complaints. I’ll start with the common dummy complaint, of a young couple who purchased a diamond ring at what was offered a very good price, and eventually found out that the quality was poor and these rings are sold cheaper on similar websites. Furthermore, I have to mention a large number of complaints about rude customer care persons, dealing with these people makes me sick, once they got your money you do not exist. All in all, I have to say that getting a customer complaint about Diamonds International was very easy, it just pops out without having searched.

Is Diamonds International A Fraud?

Well Diamonds International is a registered company with over 100 stores in and outside of the US, with an online website, selling diamond rings and other fine jewelries for over 20 years. I must be careful with my writing, but in between defrauding people and being an honest dealer who sales diamond rings at high prices, there is a very thick line. In today’s world, where you have endless opportunities online and on ground stores, buying an engagement diamond ring is one of the most important purchases made during a person’s lifetime. I find Diamonds International a legit online website, with the smell of a customer’s dissonance.

My Final Conclusion:

Though Diamonds International stores all over the world sometimes seems as a “tourist trap”, we find the on-line store interesting and welcoming for an engagement ring search. As an online engagement ring store, Diamonds International is a recommended visit!

Diamonds International Ratings:

User Friendly 18/20

Diamonds International has been online for over 15 years, and it seems that it delivers what we like. I find this website full of high quality photos, very quick access to relevant links as bridal shop, men’s gift its’. I would say that this website is less about talking and more of see for yourself.

Variety Of Diamonds 16/20

Diamonds International is nevertheless a diamond empire, but the online website only offers a limited variety of diamond engagement rings, with very basic designs and unique options.

Customers’ Shoppers Support 16/20

Nothing to be proud of, I find only policy headlines available online, when I wanted to chat no operator was available and It did not even ask for contact me information. I have e-mailed customer service, but still waiting to be replied.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 18/20

Diamonds International does not rock on this topic, though accepting all major credit cards, PayPal and google checkouts are not acceptable, nothing else to add but what a shame. As for shipment, within the US you will receive a free shipping over 50$ purchases, though, while returning a diamond ring, you will have to insure your own diamond.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 16/20

Diamonds International offers a 30 day return policy, a very basic one and unexceptional to all other websites, a trade in policy or lifetime warranty does not show on the website’s policies.

28 Reviews

  1. diamonds international are the best! i really liked their halo cuts engagement rings, the variety was so big that i didn’t need to make my own but i could find one that i really liked, and so did my fiancee. it took me a few weeks to go online and make sure that this is a good deal, i looked everywhere online and even some stores in my hometown, the options are unlimited but what i had in mind was nowhere to be found. a sec before i click the Create Your Own on whiteflash, which would have been much more expensive, i got to find this 0.5 carat . shipping took 4 days, the package was beautiful, and so far so good with anything falling apart. i took the ring to evaluation, and i was told that it worth about 2K. lucky me! wish you all good luck and hope i dont get to change my review for a stone falling off or anything like that

  2. Just bought a ring, good service!

  3. DI online is great, i went thru several stores looking for 1 carat halo engagement ring. i am very satisfied with delivery time and boxing, didn’t have any particular problems, contacted customer service once to make sure they have everything right, and so it was!

  4. Wouldn’t send my worst enemy into any DI store especially St Thomas. We found the ideal stone which they took away from us to change the setting, when we got it back thought it looked a bit different but was in such a rush to get back to ship we didn’t say anything at the time. We were verbally told what he ring was and were given the EGL paperwork. To our shock when we got it home and had another valuation done they stipulated in the report that they had disregarded everything DI had given us as it didn’t appear to be the same stone! It was 1/4 larger, two grades down in both colour and clarity and the dimensions were all off. Essentially. It wasn’t what we had been told or been provided loads of paperwork for! They haven’t admitted liability in so many words but are searching for a replacement stone – albeit they offered us one that was pretty crap for a free exchange of two they wanted more for. Not sure how they even came up with the pricing as we knocked them down by tens of thousands in store! I’ve been told the next offer is a completely different cut so we’re taking it further now as we’ve given them a month to sort it out and I can’t believe they don’t have a single 3 carat princess cut in any of their stores closer to what we were supposed to of had! Luckily we still haven’t lost cost wise on the diamond but it completely defeats the point, read between the lines but something very dodgy went on when they took that stone away to change the setting. Just hate to think how many people don’t go and get an independent/GIA equivalent valuation of their purchases from DI and the shock of they did!

    • Your ratings of DI and the logo posting indicate that you are friendly with them. I went into DI to just looking I indicated that I would not make a purchase without GIA certification. That certification affirms the Authenticity of the stones, the quality of the stones, and finally a credible price for the piece. They kept me in the store making excused and did not provide me with the GIA certification. When I returned to the ship and found that the GIA certifications were not with my documentation, I immediately filed a complaint with the shopping guide. When I realized that the GIA certifications do not exist I contacted them requesting a Return Authorization, this was done with in 10 days of my purchase. Now I am at 31 days, and no RMA, they have not returned my calls and my disputed credit cards will not allow for the credit as long as I have the stones in my possession. If you have any pull please ask them nicely on my behalf to take the Gems back. I know that for sure that their actions have been intentional, maybe one of their friends can speak to them reasonably, Your help will go a long way.

  5. Bought tanzinite ring, necklace, and, earrings. Beautiful, good price, great service. Grand turk and nassau. They ate not a scam.

  6. My boyfriend proposed to me on the Norwegian Escape cruise 10/15-10/22 to St Thomas, the cruise director Robby sent us to DI and met us there to get us a “good deal”!!! I walked away with a $10,000 dollar engagement ring, and my mother in law walked away with a $2000 bracelet on 10/18. We went to have them appraised for insurance and they appraised for less then $4,000 for the ring and $600 for the bracelet!!! We are now in the brutal process of trying to get our money back. We are filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and the Norwegian Cruise Line for fraud. They made the best day of my life a nightmare!

    Visited October 2016

    • How sad! I was taken for much more. I’m am in the beginning stages of trying to go through the hoops to get refunded $25,500 for a ring worth ~$10,500.

      • this sounds very familiar

  7. Hello, me & my fiance were suckered punched like Rumpelstilskin from Shrek on our 1st cruise with Oasis. It was my fiance’s father’s day/bday surprise and one of the gift was to go to this lecture to learn how about diamonds. The speakers were with DI so the next morning we were in St. Thomas and the 1st stop was DI. The sales rep, Hazel I had was dumbfounded. I stated my price range was under $1000 and she’s showing me stuff over $2000 so I just got another rep. My fiance got these earrings that you could barely see, he negotiated down from $870 to $650 and I got a tanzanite ring for $161. I felt weird about this deal but we left with the purchase and visit other stores. I hated that as soon as we left DI to go visit other stores that we were targets and people were stationed at other stores saying go here, they’ll give you a good deal. So we went to a mom & pops store who stated stores like DI are on the main streets and charge high so they pay for overhead fees/building cost. He looked at the earring my fiance got and said, he could sell any 2 sets of earrings for the price DI sold. We said hold and we’ll bring back. We couldn’t get out the store fast enuf another person stopped us to go in another store. We went but I was getting mad. The salesman told us the same thing about DI that they were a scam. We said that’s it…we’re getting our money back. Although the reps were nice which we see why($$$), they were mad when we came back to return and get our refund. It’s like we were aliens. One of the saleman’s from the other store told us a gentlemen who was in the store purchase their jewelry at this store when his sister works at DI. WOW!!! This was a wakeup call.


    We were told that we were purchasing a Canary Diamond ring for $32k, yet in fact, our appraisal shows that it was in fact a white diamond with a yellow gold setting underneath and yellow sapphires on the side to give it the illusion of a canary diamond. Appraisal of the ring was closer to $11k. Our salesperson (who claimed to be the manager) said the ring would be sized immediately and they would add gold to the ring during the sizing rather than just stretching it.
    Additionally, they were so adamant and pushy in selling us this ring that when I initially decided against the purchase at the port (in Ketchikan), they sent the ring with an agent on the Princess Cruise we were on & called us repeatedly about cutting us a deal and including 24 months interest free financing. My husband decided to surprise me with the ring after completing the purchase at the next port (in Juneau).
    The ring had not been on my finger for a total of 30 minutes before the entire diamond mounting on top became loose. It is a miracle that I noticed it before it fell off completely! Of course, the host representing Diamonds International was nowhere to be found after our purchase. My husband had to practically stalk the man out to get a response.
    Now they want us to return the ring via fedex and they say it won’t be repaired for another 4 weeks. After reading all the other poor reviews & claims of scamming by this company, we are looking to get together a class action suit.

    • I am in I have what they say is 30K of jewelry from them All appraised for less than 10K, closer to 7K Nightmare, and they are attempting to destroy my credit

    • Still trying to do a class action suit? I’m interested!

    • Class action suit…I’m in!!!

      • I bought a ring for $3,000 and a week later the diamond fell out!! I’m interested

      • Please help me I got scammed out of 6000 dollar

        • What happened Lisa?

    • Did you ever start a class action????? If so I am very interested. Please let me know

    • I’m in too! I feel so scammed by them! Sleezy, very high-pressure sales tactics by the salesman in the store in Tortola. I was buying a ring, and the second I joked that I’d had a couple of rum drinks with lunch, he immediately started pressuring me to buy a matching bracelet I didn’t even want. I flat-out said no, but he kept pushing, even getting snippy about it, making me very uncomfortable. When I tried to read the contract, I told him I didn’t have my reading glasses with me so I couldn’t see it, and he said it was just standard policy and to go ahead and sign. When I asked him about the return policy, he said I had 30 days. He did NOT say it was exchange only! I finally agreed to it, just to make it stop, and I walked out of the store feeling sick.

  9. Stay As Far Away As Possible. It says a lot about how far the Cruise Industry has degenerated that they permit their customers to be ripped in this manner – you have to wonder how they source the food on board if this is how they permit clients to be (man)handled.

  10. Whatever business they are in, selling jewelry to tourists pan Caribbean is clearly not where the money is made. This helps explain why these guys are so incredibly hit and miss, but mainly miss. They in fact have no idea what they are selling other than that it is being stuffed down their throats to be turned into cash as fast as possible. I’m not saying they are an illegal organization, simply that somebody at the commodity level (think Afghan or Russian or Israeli mining magnate) has found a shrewd way to shift their product into cash bypassing traditional channels and the standards expected of those channels. What is the real disgrace in all this is that so called reputable cruise lines allow these guys to promote on board. I wonder if these cruise lines source their so-called gourmet dining in the same way?

  11. fraud

  12. THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS!!! DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT!! PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM!!! I purchased a ring, tennis bracelet and earrings. When I returned from my trip, I had the items checked out by a certified gemologist. The ring had a loose stone in the head; the earrings had an incomplete basket and did not have a full bar and one was not drilled through; and the bracelet had 8 loose stones, 4 chipped stones, a bent prong, and due to the soft metal, would probably need continual maintenance.

    They have been very unwilling to work with me on a refund.


  13. Di Diamonds International are the chests and PLEASE DO NOT BUY AT COZUMEL OR FROM THIS FRAUD COMPANY. They are not refunding me of what they claim 60 day return. They are ruining families and their lives. PEOPLE PLEASE BE CAREFUL BEFORE YOU BUY FROM THESE FRAUDS

  14. On cruise in Cabo. Stopped into Diamonds international to look at a pair of diamond earrings for my wife.Bought the earrings for $3000. Ship shopper took the earrings to the boat nd DI was to send me an email with the evaluation of the earrings. We got the earrings from the shopper four days later when we got off the boat. The invoice said that I had purchased a ring and had contracted with them to remove the side diamonds and put them into the earring studs. They said this was done at my request and they threw the stripped ring in the box. I had to call and get an email with the “evaluation” for $3000. The earrings are not worth $3000 on their own. They have to be accompanied by the stripped ring. So they basically had a ring they couldn’t sell and they took the side diamonds off and charged me for the carcass ring and the earrings and said that I told them to take ;the ring and make earrings out of it. I expect them to give me a refund of of the earrings for the value of he stripped ring. They say that I could get a trade in for the $3000 toward another piece of jewlery but i would have to bring the ring carcass to get the full value. My credit card company is trying to help me with this dispute. i should have read all of the bad reviews for Diamonds International before I went into the store and should have not rushed the purchase because I had to catch a boat. Hopefully CITI can help me get this resolved. I would say, at least on a cruis, stay away from Diamonds International.

  15. Never Buy diamonds from diamond international they are as shady as they come they tell you the diamond is worth $13,000 but today I’m going to give it to you for $5400 but the real kicker is when you go to get it appraised which should be more than what you paid for it comes out less $1400 less on top of that two with the diamonds that was in the bracelet I bought for my wife were man-made maybe they knew that maybe they didn’t but buyer beware and there is no such thing as moneyback guarantee read the small print so if you going to buy diamonds especially in the islands that’s where all their stores are save your money And wait till you get back home you’ll get a much better deal and if you have one from them I would highly suggest you get them appraised most of you are going to be very disappointed hopefully not but that’s what I experienced

  16. I exchanged my ring spending $8000 found it was only worth £3,500 when I got home to UK. I travelled to NY to return it, they promised to make another ring which they did eventually. Took that one to be valued still only worth £5300. Think cruise ships should stop promoting so many people getting ripped off. Would not recommend.


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