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Diamonds Direct Engagement Rings Review

Diamonds Direct Engagement Rings Review

  • User friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
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Why shouldn’t you buy your diamond engagement ring on Diamonds Direct?

One of the best diamond engagement ring sellers online, Diamonds Direct promises huge savings to its customers.

Diamonds Direct offers a GIA certificate, and hence, if you’re planning to trade-in the ring, you will be able to receive a full money back !

As the clarity to the cut of the diamond must be leveled up to GIA when you choose to shop on DD!

Why should you buy your diamond engagement ring, watch and jewelry on Diamonds Direct Jewelry?

Boasting about 30 years of experience in top-notch diamond selling Diamonds Direct is one of the mega sharks amongst Diamond Geezers such as DeBeers and Tiffany & Co. If you’ve wanted an engagement ring that not only shows style and fine taste, but also the worth of your money, Diamonds Direct is a custom-made jewelry for you.

·         Direct Importer

Being a diamond seller with a mine, Diamonds Direct is as transparent as advertised. It natural to feel dubious when a company claims to be a diamond direct seller as very few really does so.

DD offers an extraordinary bridal store where big savings are the routine. Diamonds Direct aspires to eliminate the middle man, owing to whom the prices are inflated.

·         Free Resizing

Unlike most online diamond engagement ring sellers, Diamonds Direct also offers free resizing without hesitation. It is common to find jewelers who are less than accommodative when you complain about the ring you bought.

According to verified buyers, DD offered free resizing to John P from Chapel Hill. DD even provided John with the original price of the ring for exchange it to upgrade to a bigger center stone! Hence, if you’re keeping the engagement hushed, Diamonds Direct can help you even if your fiancé rejects your choice of ring.

·         Financing options

Diamonds Direct offers exclusive financing options for those who buy with an approved credit card from Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. Unlike most jewelers, Diamonds Direct offers an easy-to-apply online form with smooth credit options.

From zero interest to 9.99% APR, Diamonds Direct provides the customer with a brand Credit Card which can be used during checkout if you need financing.

·         Expert in Recycling Jewelry

Have an heirloom or even jewels that you no longer use?

Diamonds Direct is renowned for having incredible line of jewelers and qualified gemologists who can convert any old jewelry into stylish diamond engagement rings for a nominal fee. Being experts of diamond jewelry, choosing diamonds direct for engagement ring jewelry will save you huge sums too! Moreover, DD claims to renovate old jewelry as they’re super-skilled too!

·         Conflict Free Diamonds

Offering clean and legit diamonds mined directly from diamond locations across the world, Diamonds Direct also provides proof on its clean diamond source. Every diamond in DD is brought to the customer after certification by the Kimberly Process.

DD mines diamonds ethically and ships international packages in a tamper-free container with insurance. As the certification contains the unique code of certification, you will never find a forged blood diamonds in your DD engagement ring purchase.

·         Free Next Day shipping and Delivery

Diamonds Direct is a major diamonds geezer offering up to 60% savings when compared to other diamond jewelry sellers. Regardless of your total bill, Diamonds Direct offers 100% Free Shipping on all domestic orders.  Free Delivery is applicable on international deliveries as well but the address will have to bear the custom or duty fees upon delivery.

Diamonds Direct also offers free delivery and shipping for military personnel too. If you need the ring fast, DD also offer next day shipping on its items across select locations.

·         Military and Service Discount

For national heroes and service industry workers, Diamonds Direct offers up to 15% discount. For professionals serving in defense, police, fire safety and paramedics, Diamonds Direct provides huge benefits when you submit the Identity Card. Although the same cannot be combined with another discount or financing for more than 12 months.

·         30-Days Money Back Guarantee

In addition to taking full responsibility for your purchase, Diamonds Direct also offers 100% refund on engagement rings except for customized designs. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase or fiancé wants to redo it, take it back to DD within 30 DAYS for cost-free replacement and renovations.  Special designs will entail restocking fees during returns.

DD works individually with customers to resolve problems.

·         Lifetime Warranty and Upgrade at ZERO Cost

Trade-in options on diamonds for life are not surprising when it comes from a diamond geezer, but a proof of the authenticity of diamonds from Diamonds Direct. Diamonds Direct offers a lifetime warranty on all its diamond jewelry including rings, pendants and earrings for a change of shape, value or size.

·         Blog Education

The elaborate information of diamond jewelry including buying guides and appraisals on Diamonds shows the expertise of the diamond geezer. At DD, the staff totally understands the delay and dilemma in choosing the perfect diamond ring for your beloved. The same is why DD is the only place where the staff does not push you to a buy.

Moreover, regardless of whether you’re an expert in diamonds, DD sends the customer a personalized diamond education material with every buy too.

Tag Line or Slogan of Diamond Engagement Ring Jewelry on Diamonds Direct

Where your love is celebrated through our passion for the diamond!

How big is the Diamonds Direct Engagement Ring collection?

Showing over 5000+ rings in different categories, Diamonds Direct offers a remarkable variety of rings. To see any engagement ring, customers must first select interested diamond engagement ring among five styles.

You can observe 12, 24 or 48 items per page and for every time, you can also add another diamond to compare its specifications, designer, cost and description on-site. You can also change the metal for every ring.

Quality of the Photos of Engagement Rings on Diamonds Direct

Offering one high zoom-in ASET image per product, Diamonds Direct provides a 3600 video with all of its products. It is necessary to provide images that show the inclusions or lack of the same in the rock for a transparent judge of quality. DD offers ASET Images of how quality, making it easy to observe a diamond closely.

What varieties of engagement diamond jewelry are offered on Diamonds

From classic to trendy, fancy and extravagant, Diamonds Direct shows many engagement rings for prospective couples. The prominent categories of diamond engagement rings on DD are based on the five styles such as Solitaire, Halo, Pave, 3-Stone and Channel Set.

Diamonds Direct offers its stunning designs from prominent designers including Tacori, Simon G, DIANA, Gabriel & Co, Henri Daussi, Verragio, KIRK KARA, A. Jaffe, Goldman, AMDEN, ATARA, Per Amore, Stardust, Novell, Uneek, Siena Jewelry, Christopher Designs, Fana, Christian Bauer, MaeVona Gelin Abaci, H.Levi & Co and Scott Kay.

For each engagement ring, one can choose 14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold or Platinum as the metal band.

Financing Options for Engagement Rings on Diamonds Direct

Providing an online form to apply, Diamonds Direct helps in making smooth and detailed credit decisions with maximum safety. When you take a financing plan from Diamonds Direct you get full online power to manage your account as well as process bill payments via the internet.

The attractive features of financing plans from Diamonds Direct are zero interest payback when paid in full over the span of 12 months with consistent payments every month. Hosted by the Wells Fargo Financial Bank, Diamonds Direct financing cannot be paid in full if you merely pay the cutoff rate every month.

DD also offers exclusive financing of bigger buys under the 48 Months payments. At 9.99% APR, DD recurs 2.5567% of the interest with respect to the total amount.

Moreover, DD does not offer a one-time financing plan and customers can combine multiple purchases under the same scheme. To activate the DD Credit Card, apply here and check out with the exclusive Credit Card from Diamonds Direct.

What is the price range available for Engagement Rings on Diamonds Direct?

Diamonds Direct is proud of its expertise and credibility in the industry to an extent that it challenges its competitors smartly. With an attractive option of Price-Match, DD surely ensures that you get an excellent buy!

On Diamonds Direct, you can buy diamonds ranging from $129 up to $18,990. From solitaires to pavilion and halo, Diamonds Direct offers a wide selection of every design from over 700+ globally famed designers.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Having 10+ retail shops all over the country, Diamonds Direct is a star in global diamond engagement rings. Started 30+ years back, DD has not only held a good reputation, but also grown.

Italy Berger is known to have brought the direct diamond buying tradition to America from Tel Aviv and is one of the few genuine direct diamond importers in the U.S.

Diamond Source of Diamonds Direct Engagement Rings

Acquired as conflict free diamonds, Diamonds Direct is an importer. It is natural to grow suspicions because there are very few direct diamond importers renowned in the U.S. DD proudly claims to be 30-years-ironclad on its direct diamond selling venture.

Every diamond sold by DD is clean and sans unethical labor or torture. A long-term member of ethical diamond mining, DD also offers unique Kimberly Certification Process number for every diamond it sells. Kimberly process is a global organization to observe the selling of blood diamonds across the world.

Every diamond engagement ring bought from DD is sent with a tamper-resistant cover for better safety of your precious stone.

What are the Refund and Returns Policy of Diamonds Direct Engagement Rings?

If any customer is dissatisfied with the product, you can return it for the original sum or replace it with another product, provided you return it within 30 days. There are anecdotes online from verified buyers who claim that DD offered to provide a bonus ring during the replacement to customers too!

Warranty Options Provided on Diamonds Direct Engagement Rings

Every product on Diamonds Direct comes with a foolproof warranty for a lifetime from one year of purchase.  Moreover, Diamonds Direct offers 110% cash of your first purchase to add towards the new buy. All DD upgrades are applicable after one year of use.

Contact Information of Diamonds Direct Engagement Rings

  1. For exclusive discounts and promotional codes on online purchases, contact!
  2. Live Chat: Yes.
  3. Phone: 1-800-885-5050
  4. Find A Store
  5. Email:
  6. Address: West Broad Village, Glen Allen, VA, USA
  7. Facebook: com/diamondsdirectsouthpark

Does Diamonds Direct have a Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes, DD offers a well-written Jewelry Blog where customers can see the manufacturers’ viewpoint on recent jewelry trends in Bridal Fashion. This is where Diamonds Direct shares all its inside stories, favorite love stories, inspiring testimonials and customer experiences. Moreover, you can comment on the blog too!

Founder and Founding Date of Diamonds Direct Jewelry

Italy Berger is the man behind the birth of America’s best direct diamond importer. With a well established expertise in selling diamonds traditionally, DD has also emerged as a valuable online engagement diamond seller.

Diamonds Direct Jewelry Story Facts

Began in 1995, Diamonds Direct started as the first most affordable diamond geezer out of U.S for the national audience sans the middle man. This brought forth significant slashing of prices and has made Diamonds Direct as it is renowned today.

From price match to dozens of exotic jewelry designers, Diamonds Direct has much in store for those dreaming of the perfect engagement ring. You can get the best prices and even check out the ring in its real look and metal in a nearby store. Just as famous as DD’s diamonds are its customer friendly staff and you will thank us for telling about Diamonds Direct.

If you’re looking for a jeweler who can find you the best rock for your hard-earned money, don’t look further …

Having bought Diamond Doctor and Blackstone, DD is a clever diamond geezer from North Texas. Diamonds Direct has won over 6 awards in various categories of fine diamond jewelry such as Best of Weddings from the knot in 2014, Diamond Awards Winner-’12, ’13 and ’14 and BOW (Best of Weddings Award in 2013).

Diamonds Direct Jewelry Full Review

Diamonds Direct has been selling Conflict-Free legit diamonds since decades in wide varieties, both online and offline. Have a jewelry that was badly made by another jeweler? DD can recycle it expertly for you. Moreover, they even let a customer keep an extra ring at no cost until the resized ring was back!

To choose the perfect ring on Diamonds Direct, all you need to do are three clicks- choose a ring style, the setting and lastly, your diamond!

Providing various styles over thousands of designs, DD also offers the cheapest prices. Added with next day free delivery, Diamonds Direct is the best place to buy diamonds with a lifetime guarantee. As every diamond from DD comes with a Kimberly Process Certification, you have nothing to worry about resizing or even returning for 100% refund within 30 days!

Offering exclusive zero interest financing options from Wells Fargo National Bank, there are very few reasons you should not shop at Diamonds Direct.

Diamonds Direct Jewelry Complaints

There were very few complaints against Diamonds Direct. Being an established seller in the market, Diamonds Direct has resolved every complaint online professionally. The primary reason to reject the quality of diamond bought on DD is on account of its certification.

Is Diamonds Direct Jewelry a Fraud: BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU REPORTS

With an A+ rating on BBB, diamonds Direct has received 3.68 stars out of 5.0 from customers around the world. With a BBB file since 1996, Diamonds Direct is a proven legitimate seller of diamonds.

For the only negative review on Better Business Bureau, Diamonds Direct has offered a lifetime assurance of maintenance in case of non-warranty items too!

Engagement Ring Jewelry on Diamonds Direct Final Verdict

Diamonds direct is a legitimate seller with a clean slate of selling conflict- free high quality diamonds with all top certification. If you’re looking for GIA certifications, DD is for you. But, if you’re looking for a quality ring that can represent and match your love, Diamonds Direct can teach you everything you need to know about diamonds.

Ratings of Engagement Ring Jewelry Diamonds Direct

– User friendly

A beautiful website in clear and appealing colors, Diamonds Direct keeps the audience engaged with colorful blogs and hot diamonds throughout the visit. We loved how easy it was to navigate around the portal but it lacked a wholesome category of diamonds together. At DD you must choose a style to browse any ring, which was a tad bit disappointing or limiting to newbies!

– Variety Of Diamonds

A wide variety of products are displayed by Diamonds Direct however, one must select one among the 5 styles to view any ring. Customers cannot see a mix of rings at once, but selected styles and settings.

You can opt from

– Shopping support

Diamonds Direct offers Live chat, direct Email contact Form, Email address and exclusive mail address for promotional discount codes. No one responded to our query for 10 hours even though we waited without closing the window. Better write an Email!

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance

Payment: Customers can pay via Diamonds Direct Credit Card, PayPal or Credit Card.

Shipping: FedEX Next Day Free Shipping on all orders;

Insurance: Every item from DD are sent in a tamper-resistant package along with Kimberly Certification Number as well as a Lifetime Warranty from Diamonds Direct.

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