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De Beers Engagement Ring Review

De Beers Engagement Ring Review

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  • Variety Of Diamonds
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  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on DeBeers in 68 words?

DeBeers are those who linked with the uprising of diamond prices, back in the early 20th century, once their diamond mining business were in danger for the growth of diamond mines discoveries across the universe. DeBeers online store reflects the style and design as created on their local stores and showrooms. DeBeers offer a small variety of diamond rings, watches and other diamond jewelries, with a high price.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on DeBeers in 54 words?

This is who started the business. DeBeers is the brand who linked diamond rings with engagements. This company, who went online in 2001 after more than a century on the diamond business, performs a top of the line website, showing a very high quality photos, descriptions, designs and more about all our searched products.

DeBeers Facts:

Founded 2001, the CEO is Philippe Mellier and the company is privately held by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading luxury goods company.

DeBeers- The Full Review:

DeBeers might be one of the oldest and largest diamond rings companies in the world. DeBeers has set the trend for diamond engagement rings, and they are the reason both of us (researchers and readers) are here today. Founded in 1888 as a diamond mining company, DeBeers has developed into one of the biggest diamonds and its product groups in the world. DeBeers diamond engagement rings, is mostly known by its litigate attempt (and somewhat successful) of creating a monopoly on the diamond rings market. DeBeers actions took place both in creating a supreme marketing campaign of the early 20th century, along with keeping a false demand to maintain a high price on all diamonds. For the second issue, we yet cannot forget, as for the first one, we would say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. DeBeers, elegant and impressive online website, offers a small variety of engagement rings, diamond jewelries, watches etc.’. The navigation is simple and easy, so does the search engine, which allows narrowing of search results by categories. We admire DeBeers for creating a top designed and functioning online website, including an online viewing schedule for your chosen rings. DeBeers does not allow an online engagement ring purchase; a viewing is required, for the good and the bad.

DeBeers Diamonds Customer Complaints:

We have searched everywhere for reasonable complaints and negative issues of DeBeers customers, and frankly, most of our outcome is related to in-store purchases. As for the online diamond rings website, we did find some issues linked to purchasing of diamonds: DeBeers is the world’s biggest rough/ loose diamond supplier, so does the expectations of us, as customers are huge! We found that DeBeers offers some clients diamond rings in a poor-medium quality, at a low price, and having these people charged, they are offered a much better diamond at a higher price, a kind of an “upgrade”. All in all, it seems that for professional and experienced customers, DeBeers offer some very unique and a piece of the art diamond rings and loose diamonds, but if you are not yet a pro, we would recommend an advice before purchasing at DeBeers.

Is DeBeers A Fraud?

DeBeers might just look like a fraud online rough diamond shop, the reason is the high volume of the market’s reactions for the rough diamond monopoly that DeBeers held on the 20th century. For you fools, looking for an engagement ring, a diamond ring or other fine jewelries, we did not find any signs of customers’ fraud for those.

My final conclusion

DeBeers is actually one of the market’s leaders in engagement rings designs, cuts, qualities and luxury. We must slightly damage the recommendation as for the biggest diamonds’ company in the world, we find aimed at rich population only.

 DeBeers’s Ratings:

User Friendly 14/20

DeBeers allows you to be impressed, with an astonishing landing page, a simple and clear navigation, high quality photos and a very friendly exhibition of engagement rings. As for those of you who are not only “LCD shoppers”, it is not easy to click and shop on DeBeers, you will need some time to contact the shop.

Variety of diamonds 15/20

DeBeers is definitely one of the oldest diamond companies on the planet. At a glance, we found some lovely designs, settings, rings and loose diamonds on the website. As we got more and more into counting the amount of engagement rings, we found that DeBeers might be highly ranked on unique models, but are not a top of the edge when it comes to quantity.

Customer Shoppers Support 17/20

As expected from a royalty diamond shop, the contact would only apply thru a “leave a message” link. We didn’t find an online chat and we are still waiting for a reply to our sent question.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 12/20

Unfortunately, DeBeers does not allow any information regarding shipping and payment options, not to mention the unreachable checkout option.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 15/20

Just like most online diamond websites, DeBeers offer a 30-days refund, other than that, we could not find any information regarding lifetime warranty or trade-in.

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