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9 Whimsically flattering Diamond Engagement Ring Styles to Die for

You’ve been looking at hundreds and perhaps even thousands of Instagram to wedding and engagement ring forums. You’re done with indie designers, glamorous newbies, and even crazy cultural designs to consider making your ring in. Still not found the right bauble? Don’t worry, we’ve got a list on 9 amazing diamond rings that take you for a swirl. It’s from varied designers, so don’t hesitate to click on the image or the name of the ring you like to explore more whimsical diamond engagement ring styles from them. 9 Flattering Diamond Engagement Ring Styles We found the world’s best online diamond engagement ring sellers and their trending styles. If you’re looking for the best looking diamond engagement ring style...

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Why Upgrade your Diamond Ring?

Did you get an heirloom diamond ring that just doesn’t fit with your style? Don’t compromise your class, instead upgrade your diamond ring in any of the FIVE ways for a stylish makeover for your bauble. Why Upgrade your Diamond Ring? Change is constant, meaning it is the only thing that keeps changing. We all change, every moment of every day. Our favorite movies change, fave songs change and food too. In fact, there is very little constant in each of us. People upgrade diamond rings for all sorts of reasons and if you find a reason that sounds lucrative to you, it is not wrong to upgrade your diamond engagement rings. ·        You don’t Fancy the Style anymore...

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How to Wear your Wedding Ring

Making your own tradition is suaver than you think. What is the real tradition to wear your engagement ring with other rings such as wedding rings? How Long Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring After Marriage? Whatever is your question, I’ve been there and done that. So, trust me and start reading! Vogue Ways to Wear your Engagement Ring Right Image Source: Buy the 14K WHITE GOLD PRONG ring above from JAMES ALLEN at $900 ONLY! Click HERE! How To Wear Your Engagement Ring Before The Wedding? When he has just proposed to you, we suggest you let the ring be on the finger he slid it on. If you’re thinking of proposing to your girl and wondering which...

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BOLDEST Gold Metal Engagement Rings in Green, Blue and Pink Colors

You know why engagement rings last a lifetime, right? While a good number of people believe its bad luck to just take it off! However, the logic is in selecting a ring that will complement your style boldly forever until death does you apart. That’s why it is good to stay open to new trends in engagement ring styles. Check our 5 crazy colored gold metal Engagement Rings in Green, Blue and Pink colors that are making the raves. When you finally look at them, you will realize why! Why should you go crazy when you pick the engagement ring? It is best to wake up your mind, think about the 4Cs of diamonds in addition to Comfort when...

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9 Romantic and Glamorous Engagement Ring Trends For Classy Brides

Choosing an engagement ring takes the most time in the wedding planning shebang. The truth is, a poor choice of wedding ring design can destroy the proposal in wink. I’ve seen it happen. It’s dumb and ridiculous, yet real. So, just accept it and surf through hundreds if not thousands of glamourous engagement ring trends if you’re classy chic. Remember, your wedding day is the most important day of your life. The only thing that will remain after the glitter goes is the bling in your ring. So, choose wisely! 9 Trending Engagement Ring Designs For Classy Brides 1.     Le Squelette By Eva Fehren Be it proposing your childhood sweetheart or looking for an amazing diamond engagement ring, Le...

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When to Buy a Diamond for your Engagement Ring

Buying your dream rock is not so easy when you’re eyeing for diamonds. To get your money’s worth and savings, you need to buy the precious rock on the engagement day! If you asked if there’s a season-best to buy a diamond? There is! And our experts will tell you 5 Answers to When to Buy a diamond for your engagement ring! When is the Engagement Season? The months following November until February is called the Engagement Season. This combines the best holidays of the years starting from Thanksgiving/ Black Friday/ Cyber Monday until Valentine’s Day. It is revered such as it combines the best time to buy due to seasonal offers. Diamond jewelers offer slashed discounts during the...

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