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When to Buy a Diamond for your Engagement Ring

Buying your dream rock is not so easy when you’re eyeing for diamonds. To get your money’s worth and savings, you need to buy the precious rock on the engagement day! If you asked if there’s a season-best to buy a diamond? There is! And our experts will tell you 5 Answers to When to Buy a diamond for your engagement ring! When is the Engagement Season? The months following November until February is called the Engagement Season. This combines the best holidays of the years starting from Thanksgiving/ Black Friday/ Cyber Monday until Valentine’s Day. It is revered such as it combines the best time to buy due to seasonal offers. Diamond jewelers offer slashed discounts during the...

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9 Trendiest Best Diamond Engagement Ring Styles to Die for

What’s the best trending style of diamond engagement ring to buy this year? New designs have hit the racks and we’ve compiled the 9 sexiest diamond engagement ring styles you need to see right NOW. 8 Beautiful Best Diamond Engagement Ring Styles to Die for 1.      Caress In Rose Gold Engagement Ring Why is Caress in Rose Gold Diamond Perfect for Engagements? The ideal symbol of love, loaded with the noble metals and precious red colored diamond is a steal. The shimmering red beauty depicts the oneness of love. The swirling appeal of the diamond setting makes the fancy diamond perfect and unique for the ring. What are the Available Metal Options? The only option for Caress in Love...

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Effects of Sunlight on Fluorescence of Diamonds

Fluorescence can be used to save up costs of up to 20% on your center rock when you’re going diamond shopping for the wedding. Explore the complete guide on what fluorescence of diamonds are as well as the 5 types to ensure you’re buying a great diamond will guide you in the post below. Get started! How do I Understand Diamond Fluorescence? Fluorescence occurs in many gemstones. The property of fluorescence is one of the many optical illusions you can see in natural gemstones. When a gemstone absorbs the UV light, it glows in another color. This optical quality of diamonds is referred to as diamond fluorescence. In the diamond report by GIA approved gemologists, you will notice fluorescence...

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Simple to Understand differences between Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wedding band after the engagement ring or vice-versa. There are certain expert tricks to use when you’re digging up everything on engagement rings and wedding bands. Avoid costly errors by listening to our experts define Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings in detail. We’ve also added when to choose both the rings and the parameters to help you choose the best rings! What are Engagement Rings? Engagement ring signifies the ‘yes’ of your beloved to your proposal to spend the rest of your life with each other. Engagement as a ritual was first introduced by the Catholic Church by Pope Innocent III in the 15th century. But, it was DeBeers who popularized the...

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How to Choose a Diamond Seller Online with Best Upgrade Options

Selecting a diamond seller online is tough. You are trading for the rock that symbolizes your love and blesses your holy matrimony. What if we tell you there is a secret power called upgrade option to choose quality diamond sellers online. Explore everything about diamond upgrade options also known as trade-up guarantees. Why Do you need Upgrade Options for Diamonds Trade-Up and Upgrade Guarantee are two phrases with the same meaning, in the diamond lexicon. What you need to understand about trading guarantee from the diamond seller is that authentic sellers have it, others don’t. Diamond geezers offer trade guarantees to customers because they can stand by their rock. Avoid others at all costs! ·         To Sell it in...

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Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings to Propose HER

The diamond engagement ring has always been the trend. But, have you ever wondered what the stars wear for the engagement rings? Perhaps you can take inspiration from them! Join our experts in unlocking the complete details of Hollywood most Stunning 11 Celebrity diamond Engagement Rings! 11 Celebrity diamond Engagement Rings 1.      Reese Witherspoon A beautiful ring for a beautiful person, Reese’s diamond engagement ring setting is rarely seen anywhere else! What Engagement Ring? Rees Witherspoon wore an Ashoka-Cut unique Diamond Engagement Ring set with a 4 carat diamond. Estimated Price of the Engagement Ring: $450,000 Who proposed Reese Witherspoon with the diamond engagement ring Jim Toth 2.      Pippa Middleton A gaudy rock for the slender fingers, Pippa Middleton’s...

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