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9 Embarrassing Questions On Choosing Your Engagement Ring Are Answered

With couples spending an average of $6000+ on engagement ring it is a serious purchase that you should invest equal time as much as your money. Do you know an average proposer spends years on a relationship before actually proposing to get married? And, how long do you spend on the ring purchase? An engagement ring is supposed to stay with you throughout your life, just as your spouse. So, don’t make ridiculous mistakes that might actually threaten you to lose your love. Instead, listen to our experts who have drafted almost a dozen questions on choosing your engagement ring like a pro! Questions On Choosing Your Engagement Ring Do I need to think about other rings than the...

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What Damages Gold? How To Care For Your Gold Engagement Ring

The oldest precious metal used to make jewelry and exclusively engagement rings is Yellow Gold. Is your engagement ring in gold? Well, mine is too! If this is the first time you’re hearing the history of engagement rings, go ahead and click HERE to read the detailed history right away. Today we will explore all the multifarious ways that damage gold and how to care for your gold engagement ring in detail! In this Post How to Care for your Gold Engagement Ring Steps To Take Care Of A White Gold Ring Steps To Take Care Of A Rose Gold Ring Steps To Take Care Of A Yellow Gold Ring Steps To Care For A Gold Ring With Diamonds...

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History of Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

What do you do when you want to ask your beloved to marry you? Pop the question kneeling down on one knee with a sparkly ring, right. Whether you’re a man or a woman, the tradition is the same since a hundred years and more. But, what makes the whole world follow this one tradition? Don’t fret because I have compiled the complete history of engagement rings and wedding rings since the very start into this brief blog post. Start skimming! Timeline of Engagement Ring Trends Why a ring for engagement? History says it dates back to the Egyptians who believed the ring epitomized the circle of eternity. Very intelligent, right? Today, there is no one-style trending in engagement...

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9 Whimsically flattering Diamond Engagement Ring Styles to Die for

You’ve been looking at hundreds and perhaps even thousands of Instagram to wedding and engagement ring forums. You’re done with indie designers, glamorous newbies, and even crazy cultural designs to consider making your ring in. Still not found the right bauble? Don’t worry, we’ve got a list on 9 amazing diamond rings that take you for a swirl. It’s from varied designers, so don’t hesitate to click on the image or the name of the ring you like to explore more whimsical diamond engagement ring styles from them. 9 Flattering Diamond Engagement Ring Styles We found the world’s best online diamond engagement ring sellers and their trending styles. If you’re looking for the best looking diamond engagement ring style...

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Why Upgrade your Diamond Ring?

Did you get an heirloom diamond ring that just doesn’t fit with your style? Don’t compromise your class, instead upgrade your diamond ring in any of the FIVE ways for a stylish makeover for your bauble. Why Upgrade your Diamond Ring? Change is constant, meaning it is the only thing that keeps changing. We all change, every moment of every day. Our favorite movies change, fave songs change and food too. In fact, there is very little constant in each of us. People upgrade diamond rings for all sorts of reasons and if you find a reason that sounds lucrative to you, it is not wrong to upgrade your diamond engagement rings. ·        You don’t Fancy the Style anymore...

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How to Wear your Wedding Ring

Making your own tradition is suaver than you think. What is the real tradition to wear your engagement ring with other rings such as wedding rings? How Long Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring After Marriage? Whatever is your question, I’ve been there and done that. So, trust me and start reading! Vogue Ways to Wear your Engagement Ring Right Image Source: Buy the 14K WHITE GOLD PRONG ring above from JAMES ALLEN at $900 ONLY! Click HERE! How To Wear Your Engagement Ring Before The Wedding? When he has just proposed to you, we suggest you let the ring be on the finger he slid it on. If you’re thinking of proposing to your girl and wondering which...

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