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BOLDEST Gold Metal Engagement Rings in Green, Blue and Pink Colors

You know why engagement rings last a lifetime, right? While a good number of people believe its bad luck to just take it off! However, the logic is in selecting a ring that will complement your style boldly forever until death does you apart. That’s why it is good to stay open to new trends in engagement ring styles. Check our 5 crazy colored gold metal Engagement Rings in Green, Blue and Pink colors that are making the raves. When you finally look at them, you will realize why! Why should you go crazy when you pick the engagement ring? It is best to wake up your mind, think about the 4Cs of diamonds in addition to Comfort when...

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Should I wear the Diamond Engagement Ring all the time?

The engagement ring is not just a style. It’s Holy. I’ve wondered so many times after my hussy proposed if I should wear the diamond engagement ring all the time. That’s why I’ll share all the pros and cons of wearing an engagement ring all the time. TO WEAR or TO NOT WEAR? Check it out! I just got engaged. Should I wear the Diamond Engagement Ring all the time? No way because if I did, it wouldn’t look half as good as it is. I skim through cosmetics and hair products every day. On top of it, I prefer to wash dishes without gloves due to my sensitivity issue in the palm. So, wearing the engagement ring every...

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What if she doesn’t Like the Diamond Engagement Ring You Picked?

There is no chance of her canceling the wedding just because the engagement ring doesn’t look good. Get real. So, stop panicking and listen to the words of vice from successful men who wooed their birds with a thunderous yes even when they didn’t like their diamond engagement ring. Sounds crazy right? Well, start reading then! 11 things to do when she doesn’t Like the Diamond Engagement Ring You Picked Will she break up with me if she hates the ring? Is there a way to prevent her getting angry if she doesn’t like the diamond engagement ring I picked? What is the secret to finding a diamond ring she loves? It’s not easy. But, the ride is fun...

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How to Remove Glue from Diamond Ring?

I’ve gotten glue on my diamond earring and ring at least six times until date. First time I freaked out and cried for two days because I was scared my diamond ring was permanently damaged. So, you don’t worry even the slightest bit if you got glue on your precious baby. I’ve got all the solutions on how to remove glue from diamond engagement ring like a charm! DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO REMOVE GLUE FROM DIAMOND RING Is glue hard to remove from gold rings? How to remove super glue from the platinum ring? What to do when you have glue on your diamond? Why doesn’t the glue come off from my diamond ring, it was an accident? If your...

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Outrageously Brilliant Ways To Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring

Replacing lost diamond in the ring can turn out to be a costly endeavor. That’s why we decided to find you Five Ways to Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring without spending a penny. Try all these steps on how to find lost diamond earring in grass or pavements like a pro. It can save you thousands, so get on it RIGHT NOW! Read these 10 inspiring stories about people finding their lost diamonds and diamond rings. It’s an interesting infographic from Purely Diamonds.   How to Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring? Lost diamond out of the ring? You need the expert tricks to find lost diamonds of your engagement ring. We’ve got the quickest ways...

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What to Know about Tension Setting for Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the prominent new-age diamond settings, tension settings has been prevalent for three decades. It is one of the most dramatic settings, yet one that can go wrong because of many reasons. Tension set diamond engagement rings look breathtaking, but a small error in its make can lead to the loss of your precious diamond. Hence, assessing the total good and bad about tension settings for diamond engagement rings. What is a Tension Setting CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR THE ORIGINAL When a diamond or stone is set in mid-air using the tension set by the metal on its either sides creates a tension set ring. Introduced in the late 90s, tension settings have been a hot trend...

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