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Why You Should Check Claddagh Wedding Rings For Luck In Love

Did you know the symbol of holding hands on a Claddagh ring is the same as the Roman symbol for pledging? With time, Claddagh came to being after ‘fede’ rings and European as well as Irish improvisations. The history of Claddagh Wedding Rings makes it one of the most popular traditional designs to consider when buying a Claddagh wedding ring. Guide to Claddagh Rings When I was looking out for the best diamond engagement ring, Claddagh was a superior design because it meant much more than what it looked. I was smitten! That’s why I wrote this post so that you can fall in love with this rich and heirloom design of engagement rings popular around the world. What...

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What to Ask when Getting a Custom Engagement Ring for Surety

Most celebrity engagement rings are custom designed. So, are all the royal ones. In fact, if you want to keep your love evergreen and unique, you need a custom engagement ring that represents your love than a traditional wire knot. Today I will surprise you with all the guidance you need to get a custom engagement ring. Why make a Custom Engagement Ring with Diamond? Getting exactly what represents your love is hard with ready-made engagement rings. Although you can resize rings, you can’t change it on one fine day because it is the ring that stays until the last breath with you.  That’s why custom engagement rings are important. If you want a special ring design that conveys...

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Should I wear the Diamond Engagement Ring all the time?

The engagement ring is not just a style. It’s Holy. I’ve wondered so many times after my hussy proposed if I should wear the diamond engagement ring all the time. That’s why I’ll share all the pros and cons of wearing an engagement ring all the time. TO WEAR or TO NOT WEAR? Check it out! I just got engaged. Should I wear the Diamond Engagement Ring all the time? No way because if I did, it wouldn’t look half as good as it is. I skim through cosmetics and hair products every day. On top of it, I prefer to wash dishes without gloves due to my sensitivity issue in the palm. So, wearing the engagement ring every...

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How to Remove Glue from Diamond Ring?

I’ve gotten glue on my diamond earring and ring at least six times until date. First time I freaked out and cried for two days because I was scared my diamond ring was permanently damaged. So, you don’t worry even the slightest bit if you got glue on your precious baby. I’ve got all the solutions on how to remove glue from diamond engagement ring like a charm! DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO REMOVE GLUE FROM DIAMOND RING Is glue hard to remove from gold rings? How to remove super glue from the platinum ring? What to do when you have glue on your diamond? Why doesn’t the glue come off from my diamond ring, it was an accident? If your...

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Outrageously Brilliant Ways To Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring

Replacing lost diamond in the ring can turn out to be a costly endeavor. That’s why we decided to find you Five Ways to Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring without spending a penny. Try all these steps on how to find lost diamond earring in grass or pavements like a pro. It can save you thousands, so get on it RIGHT NOW! Read these 10 inspiring stories about people finding their lost diamonds and diamond rings. It’s an interesting infographic from Purely Diamonds.   How to Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring? Lost diamond out of the ring? You need the expert tricks to find lost diamonds of your engagement ring. We’ve got the quickest ways...

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Smartest Strategic Steps Negotiate your Diamond Purchase Online and Offline

Diamond vendors have endless strategies to make you cave on the price they want you to buy the diamonds. They might try to upsell by convincing your partner how pretty the stone is. To evade their tricks while applying your strategies is not easy. That’s why you must listen to our experts on how to negotiate the diamond purchase, both online and offline. 8 Simple Steps to Negotiate Diamond Purchase Online + Offline Diamonds cost a lot. So, if you can negotiate a few hundred dollars down the bill, you’re in for a treat, right? Try your chances with our expert advice to negotiate diamond purchase online or offline. Is it possible to negotiate diamond prices online? How do...

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