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Outrageously Brilliant Ways To Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring

Replacing lost diamond in the ring can turn out to be a costly endeavor. That’s why we decided to find you Five Ways to Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring without spending a penny. Try all these steps on how to find lost diamond earring in grass or pavements like a pro. It can save you thousands, so get on it RIGHT NOW! Read these 10 inspiring stories about people finding their lost diamonds and diamond rings. It’s an interesting infographic from Purely Diamonds.   How to Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring? Lost diamond out of the ring? You need the expert tricks to find lost diamonds of your engagement ring. We’ve got the quickest ways...

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Smartest Strategic Steps Negotiate your Diamond Purchase Online and Offline

Diamond vendors have endless strategies to make you cave on the price they want you to buy the diamonds. They might try to upsell by convincing your partner how pretty the stone is. To evade their tricks while applying your strategies is not easy. That’s why you must listen to our experts on how to negotiate the diamond purchase, both online and offline. 8 Simple Steps to Negotiate Diamond Purchase Online + Offline Diamonds cost a lot. So, if you can negotiate a few hundred dollars down the bill, you’re in for a treat, right? Try your chances with our expert advice to negotiate diamond purchase online or offline. Is it possible to negotiate diamond prices online? How do...

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8 Different Diamond Certifications In The World You Must Know

Are diamonds the most precious stones in the world? Besides, it costs a fortune to get a good diamond. Hence, it is important that the diamond you buy is genuine. That’s why, we gathered our diamond experts to brief on how to understand, compare and contrast Diamond Certifications In The World so that you can avoid costly errors. Get started! What Is A Diamond Certification? When a gemologist assesses your diamond under magnification, the 4Cs and all the features are taken into consideration. Diamond certification helps to understand the value of the diamond you have. It is a must-have for diamonds so that you can buy and trade-up or sell it for the right value whenever you feel. 8...

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Your Guide to Synthetic Diamonds or Manmade Diamonds for Engagement Ring

Lab created diamonds are making the biggest boom because they are better than natural diamonds. They are harder, durable and more brilliant. Is it time to think synthetic diamonds for your engagement ring? Our experts have simplified everything about synthetic diamonds. Get started already! Synthetic Diamonds Explained Is synthetic diamond real? How are synthetic diamonds made? Are synthetic diamonds as good as real diamonds? How to produce synthetic diamond? Are synthetic diamonds cheap? Is synthetic diamond a mineral why or why not? Get all your questions answered right now! What are Lab Made Diamonds? Referred as manmade or lab created diamonds, synthetic diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory unlike underground like natural diamonds. They have perfect and proportionate crystal...

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Experts Simplify and Answer Diamond Proportions for Engagement Rings

Diamonds are precious stones. That’s why polishing a diamond requires versatile expertise and wisdom. Today we will discuss how the diamond proportions affect the brilliance and fire of your engagement rings. Our experts compiled the simplified version of diamond proportion for engagement rings. What makes the diamond proportionate? Should I spend extra money to choose a perfectly proportionate diamond? What to know about diamond technicalities when looking for a proportionate diamond? Get all your questions answered NOW! Diamond Proportions Explained When light enters the diamond, 20% of the total is reflected back as glare. The rest of the light may or may not scintillate the observer depending on the facets and other characteristics. It is the perfection of the...

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Dangerous Diamonds Warning!

Known as a girl’s best friend, 1 in 4 diamonds available today were once reported to be conflict diamonds. Popularly referred to as ‘dirty diamonds’ or ‘hot diamonds’, these are also referred to as war or blood diamonds. The gory etymology of the word owes it to the inhumane suffering behind diamond mining. First mined from the alluvial valleys of India almost 6,000 years ago, the history of diamond mining began and thrived for centuries alongside the blotch of endless torture.

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