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Dangerous Diamonds Warning!

Known as a girl’s best friend, 1 in 4 diamonds available today were once reported to be conflict diamonds. Popularly referred to as ‘dirty diamonds’ or ‘hot diamonds’, these are also referred to as war or blood diamonds. The gory etymology of the word owes it to the inhumane suffering behind diamond mining. First mined from the alluvial valleys of India almost 6,000 years ago, the history of diamond mining began and thrived for centuries alongside the blotch of endless torture.

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How Big Should My Diamond Engagement Ring Be?

The depth of love is not impacted by the size of your wedding diamond, emotionally as well as technically. While Carat weight is used to form a fundamental pricing of the diamond, the same is not the be all and end all of the diamond pricing either. Being the result of myriads of processes, the carat weight of a diamond is the result of many other micro processes as well.

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Vintage Engagement Rings Review

“Vintage engagement rings are a wonderful idea for first thought, but on a second thought, most of the fun and excitement are to be held in the jewelry box on the table” says Jenifer Robison, 26 yo.

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