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Gonna Be A Bride In 2019? Get These Futuristic Engagement Rings!

Looking for an unconventional engagement ring design? You’ve come to the right place. Brace up because I’ve got the craziest engagement rings for a bride in 2019. Explore if you’re one! Click on the image of the ring you love to directly buy it 9 Most Popular Engagement Rings for Brides in 2019 ·      James Allen Bezel Set Blue Topaz ring A captivating design by Effy, James Allen Blue topaz engagement ring is made for the daring bride who loves colors. The central blue topaz is cut in emerald shape weighing 1.00 carats and the side diamonds accumulate up to0.05 carats. The eye clean diamonds have a G-H color and I1 to I2 clarity. It is cut in round...

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Why Choose A Custom Wedding Ring Design?

While the Egyptians preferred a thin band of gold in a circular fashion, today you can find all sorts of wedding ring designs that imitate the doctor who screwdriver to the ones that look like the stone is hanging in thin air. It’s your choice. It’s gonna be with you for a long long time. With more than 45% opting for a custom wedding ring design, everyone loves and eyeballs uniqueness. So, it goes without saying that to choose a custom wedding ring design is to invest more into your love. It will make your girlfriend scream yes and make you look like the sweetest hussy on the block. But before you do, let’s check the pros and cons...

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Why You Should Check Claddagh Wedding Rings For Luck In Love

Did you know the symbol of holding hands on a Claddagh ring is the same as the Roman symbol for pledging? With time, Claddagh came to being after ‘fede’ rings and European as well as Irish improvisations. The history of Claddagh Wedding Rings makes it one of the most popular traditional designs to consider when buying a Claddagh wedding ring. Guide to Claddagh Rings When I was looking out for the best diamond engagement ring, Claddagh was a superior design because it meant much more than what it looked. I was smitten! That’s why I wrote this post so that you can fall in love with this rich and heirloom design of engagement rings popular around the world. What...

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The first lady to best musicians and Hollywood celebs, solitaire is a fave engagement ring setting that shows off the ring. It’s been the fave for women since ages and that’s why I decided to compile this post on how to buy a solitaire diamond engagement ring after checking all the settings and the right reasons to buy it. This five-minute read is all you need to find your dream solitaire proposal ring! What is a solitaire diamond engagement ring? From engagement rings to bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces or toe anklets, solitaire setting refers to the presence of one diamond on the piece of jewelry. The same is why solitaire diamond engagement rings highlight one rock in the...

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How to Make your Diamond on the Engagement Ring Look Bigger

I love big diamonds and never have I ever said: “Go for the smallest rock” unless I was treating myself. That’s why it is always costly to take your girl out to buy the jewelry. What can you do to make your diamond on the engagement ring look bigger than it is? Try my expert tricks right away! 11 Ways to Make your Diamond on the Engagement Ring Look Bigger Can I make my engagement diamond look bigger? Are there smart tricks to do that? What is the secret method to make the diamond ring look big in 5 minutes? For all you smart ladies out there, I have tried and experimented with many ways to finally find ways...

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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow if you love Diamond Engagement Rings

The wrong engagement ring can make a girl say no or in some cultures, be inauspicious if it falls off within a few days of marriage. If you didn’t find any engagement ring that satisfied your demands, it is best to check at least a few hundred before finalizing on the ring you want to wear forever.  What better than Instagram account links with thousands of pictures of most popular wedding rings along with comments on its durability and design. Find out your favorite Instagrammer for diamond engagement rings! Why browse Instagram for Diamond Engagement Rings I checked thousands of rings in diamonds and metals and everything imaginable ten years ago when I was looking for my favorite design....

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