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What to Know about Tension Setting for Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the prominent new-age diamond settings, tension settings has been prevalent for three decades. It is one of the most dramatic settings, yet one that can go wrong because of many reasons. Tension set diamond engagement rings look breathtaking, but a small error in its make can lead to the loss of your precious diamond. Hence, assessing the total good and bad about tension settings for diamond engagement rings. What is a Tension Setting CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR THE ORIGINAL When a diamond or stone is set in mid-air using the tension set by the metal on its either sides creates a tension set ring. Introduced in the late 90s, tension settings have been a hot trend...

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11 Classic & Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

  Choosing an engagement design is tough because you want it to be the best and even last a few lifestimes after your death. Hence, we took the oath to bring you the craziest design styles available in 2018 for wedding rings. Consult the experts below before buying affordable engagement ring designs that are really stunning! 11 Incredible Stylish & Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring Designs You’re Missing Out on What setting of diamond engagement ring to buy for your ring? Don’t ponder anymore. Start reading the below for all the advice you need on diamond engagement ring designs NOW! 1.      Verragio Braided Rings Available in multifarious metals, Verragio Braided Rings are offered on Whiteflash. The luxury diamond ring can...

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7 Tips to Save Money when buying your Engagement Ring

Our experts picked the complete list of ways to save money for your engagement ring so that your wallets are thick when you start a new life together.

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