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Your Guide to Synthetic Diamonds or Manmade Diamonds for Engagement Ring

Lab created diamonds are making the biggest boom because they are better than natural diamonds. They are harder, durable and more brilliant. Is it time to think synthetic diamonds for your engagement ring? Our experts have simplified everything about synthetic diamonds. Get started already! Synthetic Diamonds Explained Is synthetic diamond real? How are synthetic diamonds made? Are synthetic diamonds as good as real diamonds? How to produce synthetic diamond? Are synthetic diamonds cheap? Is synthetic diamond a mineral why or why not? Get all your questions answered right now! What are Lab Made Diamonds? Referred as manmade or lab created diamonds, synthetic diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory unlike underground like natural diamonds. They have perfect and proportionate crystal...

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Whiteflash VS. Michael Hill- Full Engagement Rings Reviews

Whiteflash VS. Michael Hill Diamonds Match Up! Known as the Kings of Online diamond jewelry, MH and Whiteflash has had a close competition since years. Although Michael Hill is a diamond jeweler since 3+ decades and Whiteflash merely less than two, the shocking disparities and differences in dedication between the duos will startle you! We have put together the best and worst of- Michael Hill and Whiteflash Jewelers with a detailed analysis of its jewelry sources as well as verified customer reports. Read ahead to know who amongst the two is the perfect option for your dream wedding jewelry! Founded Michael Hill Began in 1979, Michael Hill is the oldest best diamond geezer, reputed for its brilliant designs and...

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Ice VS. Diamonds- Full Engagement Rings Reviews

Buying An Engagement Ring doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Read Our match Up conclusions and make sure you avoid any dissonance about your purchase.

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Szul VS. Zales- Full Engagement Rings Reviews

Standing in front of a financial dilemma is not easy, standing in front of an emotional and personal one is not as as well. Check out our recommended Winner of this Engagement Rings Match Up.

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Brian Gavin Diamonds VS. Hearts On Fire- The Real Reviews

When it comes to unique designs dilemma, it seems that no one can get over Brian Gavin Diamonds, even when Hearts On Fire are doing a pretty good job.

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Blue nile VS. James allen The Real Reviews

Bigger Is Better! Find out who is better for an engagement ring purchase.

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