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10 Mistakes Guys make when they Buy an Engagement Ring

When you are in love with the woman of your dreams, and you are ready to ask her to marry you, it is important that you do it right. This means not only do you need to plan out the perfect proposal, but you also need to find the perfect engagement ring.

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25+ Tweaks to Clean, and Maintain your Diamond Engagement Ring

Want to keep your precious bauble at its sparkling best throughout the wear? You must then keep the diamond clean and well maintained using the right solvents, periodically.

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The Color Of A Diamond

Hacking the 4Cs: Color of a Diamond Flawless natural diamonds are colorless. Color or a hue in a diamond signifies various kinds of impurities that a diamond has. In fact, being one of the major aspects that affect price as well as the quality of the stone, the effect of color characteristics in a diamond is countless. While yellow diamonds are cheaper, red is the rarest diamond and blue diamonds are expensive than 99% of the colorless variety! What does Color of a Diamond Mean? While diamond color is explained as the lack of color, diamonds are graded on the basis of their whiteness. From D to Z, GIA exercises a 23 Point Grade scale for diamonds, grading even...

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Understanding GIA Comments!

Having almost 50 years of expertise in researching the intricate grading of diamonds, GIA has methodize a detailed and in-depth grading style of diamonds. Known for being the founder of the four pillar of the diamond quality today- the 4Cs, GIA has many eye-opening parameters to rate the value of a diamond.

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How To Calculate the Worth of Your Diamond in Five Minutes!

Owing to the many parameters apart from the 4Cs that influence the Diamond Pricing, knowing characteristic of diamonds are important to make the perfect buy.

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Understanding Diamond Engagement Rings Prices- This Ain’t Cheap!!

Read the true story about diamond prices and make sure to have enough intl. before buying a diamond engagement ring.

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