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10 Mistakes Guys make when they Buy an Engagement Ring

When you are in love with the woman of your dreams, and you are ready to ask her to marry you, it is important that you do it right. This means not only do you need to plan out the perfect proposal, but you also need to find the perfect engagement ring.

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Beware Of The Conflict! Buy Your Conflict Free Diamonds

Guide to Buying Conflict Free Diamonds There is a natural distinction between conflict free diamonds and conflict diamonds, as both are mined to hold equal monetary value. The sole distinction is the aspect of humanity. Over the years, the diamond industry has seen manifolds of certifications to value and source the truth about diamond mining. With mushroom growth of the online diamond industry, there have been many ways that the technical jargon anonymous to the layman has been unearthed. One such exclusive term that has trended over the past half a century is Conflict-free Diamonds. What are Conflict-free Diamonds? Popularly referred to as blood diamonds, conflict diamonds are mined from war zones where the labor is under-paid and the...

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Cut of a Diamond

To most diamond enthusiasts, cut of a diamond defines its style and outlook. The same is why, the misconception that cut of a diamond refers to the shape of a diamond is silly. Nevertheless, the truth is that, cut is not the shape, but the symmetry of a diamond. One easy way to determine if your diamond is of poor or superlative cut is its luminescence. Simply put, the sparkle of the diamond determines the efficiency of its cut.

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Carat of a Diamond

From being equivalent to the fruit of a carob tree to grains and nano weights, diamond grading has evolved much over the past centuries. Today, the value of a diamond is not determined based on one aspect alone, but many. Being one of the vital 4Cs, carat or weight of diamonds is used to determine the physical value of the diamond’s mass. While magic weight can add a drastic increase to your bill, diamonds should be bought with a highlight on its value and lack of value, than weight alone.

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Clarity of a Diamonds Facts

Clarity is the supreme category of a diamond that evaluates its worth. With many examples of clarity enhanced diamonds in the market, it is important to know that the diamond you possess is of the clarity that you’ve been told it has.

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Chipped Diamonds Engagement Rings

If we say that diamonds aren’t the prettiest rocks on earth, a good majority will disagree vehemently. However, like any rock, if hit at the right angle at the optimum part, the diamond can break, crack, split or chip too. In fact, a diamond is structured to react the same way as any beautified rock, and it can be broken the same way too!

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