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Beginner’s Guide to ASET Images in Diamond Jewerly

Why do experts say sellers offering ASET Images in diamond jewelry are genuine and trustworthy? What is the meaning of ASET Images? How do they compare to other ways to test diamond light performance? Explore the complete know-how about ASET images in the next 8 minutes! What does ASET Mean? ASET is the acronym of Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool. It refers to a test to determine the light performance of a diamond.  Using ASET images, you can also detect the leakage of light in your rock. What are ASET Images? ASET refers to images that show the light performance of a diamond. It was developed by the AGS or American Gem Society for comprehending the use of light by...

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10+ Brilliant Ways to Check if your Diamond is Real at Home

Buying a diamond is like buying a house. The stone will represent your holy matrimony and prove as an investment for your life together with your beloved. IF you want to know how the pros check the authenticity of a diamond without using any equipment, we can teach you all that in five minutes! What are the best ways to check if your diamond is real from your home Wondering how to check if you got ripped in your diamond buy? Don’t worry we’ll teach you everything you need to know in the next FIVE minutes! 1.      Hunt for the Stamps Diamonds are pricey stones. The same is the reason why, credible jewelers always write the setting type or...

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12 Silent Rules when picking the Diamonds for your Engagement Ring

If you’re wondering about the best tips and advice to prep you to pick the best diamonds for your engagement ring, our experts can help you out. We created a list of twelve unshared and little-known rules to help you become a pro at diamonds in the next ten minutes! 12 Rules to Keep in Mind When Choosing Diamonds for your Engagement Ring Are you stuck on how to avoid getting ripped off buying diamonds online? We can help you out. All you need to do is reserve the next ten minutes without getting disturbed and start reading! 1.      Always Take a Second Opinion when picking choosing diamonds Diamonds are very valuable. The same is why, you must not...

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10 Mistakes Guys make when they Buy an Engagement Ring

When you are in love with the woman of your dreams, and you are ready to ask her to marry you, it is important that you do it right. This means not only do you need to plan out the perfect proposal, but you also need to find the perfect engagement ring.

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Beware Of The Conflict! Buy Your Conflict Free Diamonds

Guide to Buying Conflict Free Diamonds There is a natural distinction between conflict free diamonds and conflict diamonds, as both are mined to hold equal monetary value. The sole distinction is the aspect of humanity. Over the years, the diamond industry has seen manifolds of certifications to value and source the truth about diamond mining. With mushroom growth of the online diamond industry, there have been many ways that the technical jargon anonymous to the layman has been unearthed. One such exclusive term that has trended over the past half a century is Conflict-free Diamonds. What are Conflict-free Diamonds? Popularly referred to as blood diamonds, conflict diamonds are mined from war zones where the labor is under-paid and the...

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Cut of a Diamond

To most diamond enthusiasts, cut of a diamond defines its style and outlook. The same is why, the misconception that cut of a diamond refers to the shape of a diamond is silly. Nevertheless, the truth is that, cut is not the shape, but the symmetry of a diamond. One easy way to determine if your diamond is of poor or superlative cut is its luminescence. Simply put, the sparkle of the diamond determines the efficiency of its cut.

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