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Everything you need to know about Clarity Enhancement in Diamond Rings

Did you know internal cracks and illusion might look pretty, but might break or chip your precious stone sooner than later? Getting a precious diamond filled can reduce up to 70% cost with double the brilliance. So, find out if you’re cut out for clarity enhanced diamonds because it can save up hundreds and thousands of dollars otherwise spent on a rock. If you’re thinking about brilliance, read the brilliant points of pros in the post below! What is a Clarity Enhancement? The process of clarity enhancement for diamonds was developed almost half a century ago by Israeli Diamond cutters. It is a method to fill the flaws or inclusions in diamonds with diamond-like elements. The treatment completely changes...

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Can I shower with my Diamond Engagement Ring On?

Water cleans everything right? So, what would a few sprinkles do to your engagement ring with the hardest stone in the center? Please don’t skip reading this article if you think so. From gold to diamonds, everything degrades. If you don’t want to lose your diamond ring into thin air, start caring for it. We’ve answered ‘can I shower my diamond engagement ring’ as well as everything to do with engagement rings and water. What happens when I shower with my Diamond engagement ring? Can I use my ring when swimming? What is the problem of wearing engagement ring underwater? Can I shower with my engagement ring? When to take off the diamond ring? I know the endless number...

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25 Breathtaking Poses for Diamond Engagement Ring Selfie

Looking for that creative, classic and breathtaking selfie pose to declare your engagement news? We’ve collected the most popular and hottest trending poses for diamond engagement ring selfie you need to check out. Start right NOW! 25 Enchanting Poses for Diamond Engagement Ring Selfie The right pose always adds such a sweetness to engagement. That’s why before you shout it to the world, you need to think of a creative and sweet pose that flaunts your ring without making you look like an idiot. Try our smartest engagement ring selfie poses ASAP! PS: Just click on the title to go to the original user and explore more engagment ring selfies of the kind. 1.      YES Placard Diamond Engagement Ring...

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11 STUNNING Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings To buy in 2018

Marquise cut is a unique shape that mimics a pear, football or eye. Favorite of celebrities to divas, Marquise cut diamond engagement rings are trending hot this year. Find the best choice of the ring from a reputed seller with our expert’s list below. Which are the best Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings to Buy 1.      Rings James Allen Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Source: JAMES ALLEN An embellished diamond ring with twisted shanks, the James Allen Marquise Diamond ring is a charm. It is set in 14K Yellow Gold with paved tiny diamonds. Price of the Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: $4,740 Carat Weight of the Diamonds in the Marquise Cut Engagement Ring: 1.01 2.      Marquise Cut Diamond...

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Your Guide to Synthetic Diamonds or Manmade Diamonds for Engagement Ring

Lab created diamonds are making the biggest boom because they are better than natural diamonds. They are harder, durable and more brilliant. Is it time to think synthetic diamonds for your engagement ring? Our experts have simplified everything about synthetic diamonds. Get started already! Synthetic Diamonds Explained Is synthetic diamond real? How are synthetic diamonds made? Are synthetic diamonds as good as real diamonds? How to produce synthetic diamond? Are synthetic diamonds cheap? Is synthetic diamond a mineral why or why not? Get all your questions answered right now! What are Lab Made Diamonds? Referred as manmade or lab created diamonds, synthetic diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory unlike underground like natural diamonds. They have perfect and proportionate crystal...

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What is Diamond Symmetry? Expert’s Evaluate Symmetry of Diamonds

Does diamond symmetry actually matter? While Diamond Pros says diamond symmetry is negligible, how much light performance is affected by poor diamond symmetry? Explore the answers with our experts now. What is diamond symmetry? A diamond is called symmetrical when all the facets on it are proportionate. To ensure the facets on the diamond are excellent, gemologists take the shape, alignment, and location of the facets from one another. In technical terms, the symmetry of diamonds refers to the proportion or alignment of the above and below facets with respect to the girdle of the diamond. Why does Diamond Symmetry matter? Diamond symmetry is not as crucial for the brilliance as much as Cut or Clarity. However, if you...

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