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Birthstone Engagement Rings: Garnet For January

You are looking for the best center stone for your engagement ring that will make it pop out and convey the symbol of your matrimony. Birthstone engagement rings can do that and much more. They are special stones that are precious too. Garnet is a red stone that can highlight your engagement ring, accenting beautifully. If you or your girlfriend’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, garnet for January fits the best. Let’s find out why.   Why Garnet? Garnet is a beautiful stone that has been in use since 5,000 years. It is a stone that is said to support and uplift your traits as a Capricorn. Garnet is also beautiful with pink and red fluorescence under the laser.  A...

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How To Translate Your Engagement Ring Visions Into The Jeweler’s Language?

If you have a clear about your engagement ring, let me congratulate you first. Picking the right engagement ring is a choice that comes with many responsibilities. But, you can steer clear if you know how to put your simple definitions and desires for the ring shape, size, stone, color and so on into the language of the jeweler. So, this is a post to help you out just do that! Let’s begin. 8 Ways to Translate your Engagement Ring Visions into the Jeweler’s LANGUAGE Let me be honest, most people don’t have an idea about their engagement ring. Either they go for the one that catches the eye in a few minutes or keep getting the wrong one....

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The Complete Guide To Anatomy Of Your Engagement Ring

When I was looking for a wedding ring, it was towards the last that I found what the head or shoulder of the ring was. It gave me such an upper hand at the jewelry store where the store pickup of my ring was scheduled. I was just not this-and-that in the store. The sales guy actually called the manager in to serve. I literally appraised the ring there. So if you want to find the perfect ring that makes her say yes, learn the anatomy of your engagement ring in simplified form.   What is an Engagement Ring? An engagement is a ring symbolizing the arrangement for a marriage. Although it is not worn on the wedding day,...

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Find What Your Engagement Diamond Says About You

You have chosen the ring that looked most-dazzling and ultimately comfortable to wear. It matched with your fingers and accents your personality. But, what does an onlooker think about you by seeing your diamond shape on the engagement ring? I have collected all the types of engagement diamond to find out what each one says about you. Are you ready to find out if the ring really matches your personality or not? Let’s begin! 11 Choices on What Your Engagement Diamond Says About You Diamond shapes are chosen based on subjective notions of beauty. Simply put, that which looks pretty to you, might look extravagant to you. But, in the aesthetics of style, shapes of diamonds speak a universal...

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Clever Ways To Find Her Ring Size Without Letting Her Know

So you’ve been digging for the perfect ring for proposing to her. It’s gorgeous and you know she will love it. But when is it the right size? What if she says ‘yes’ and the ring gets stuck? Don’t take chances because her ‘yes’ is the center of all attention. You need to know her style, and most importantly, her size. While it is the true approximate size of the ring is good enough, what if I could show you a handful of ways to find her ring size without letting her know or raising the slightest suspicions. We’re real-life pros, so read on! Why do you need to find her ring size? The perfect ring size is important...

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9 Amazing Engagement Rings For Your 2019 Proposal To See

When you’re looking for an engagement for the future, you need a design that never goes out of fashion. It needs to be chic to stay in style and classic enough to rake compliments. Is there such a mesmerizing design. Hell Ya! In fact, I have rounded the most unknown yet trustworthy engagement ring for your 2019 proposal that’s so much in still, you might feel eerie it’s straight outta your dreams. Care to check? Psst … click on the image of the ring you like to go directly to the website where you can buy it from. Fabulous Nine Engagement Rings for your 2019 Proposal Which is the most popular engagement ring for 2019 brides? Is there a...

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