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BRIDAL SET: 8 Best Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo

Finding the dream ring and band of your choice is not easy. I know the times I have struggled with gems and diamonds alone for months deciding if I wanted protection or appeal on my ring. I chose once I was sure I didn’t miss any design. Be confident like me by choosing the right engagement ring and band combo from the below! 8 Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combinations Are there special ring and band combos for engagement and bridal sets? Which is a trendy choice for wedding ring and band? Find answers to your questions in shimmers below! 1.      Passion Halo Wedding Set of Ring and Band from WHITEFLASH A stellar bridal set combo, Passion Halo...

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Should I wear the Diamond Engagement Ring all the time?

The engagement ring is not just a style. It’s Holy. I’ve wondered so many times after my hussy proposed if I should wear the diamond engagement ring all the time. That’s why I’ll share all the pros and cons of wearing an engagement ring all the time. TO WEAR or TO NOT WEAR? Check it out! I just got engaged. Should I wear the Diamond Engagement Ring all the time? No way because if I did, it wouldn’t look half as good as it is. I skim through cosmetics and hair products every day. On top of it, I prefer to wash dishes without gloves due to my sensitivity issue in the palm. So, wearing the engagement ring every...

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What if she doesn’t Like the Diamond Engagement Ring You Picked?

There is no chance of her canceling the wedding just because the engagement ring doesn’t look good. Get real. So, stop panicking and listen to the words of vice from successful men who wooed their birds with a thunderous yes even when they didn’t like their diamond engagement ring. Sounds crazy right? Well, start reading then! 11 things to do when she doesn’t Like the Diamond Engagement Ring You Picked Will she break up with me if she hates the ring? Is there a way to prevent her getting angry if she doesn’t like the diamond engagement ring I picked? What is the secret to finding a diamond ring she loves? It’s not easy. But, the ride is fun...

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How to Remove Glue from Diamond Ring?

I’ve gotten glue on my diamond earring and ring at least six times until date. First time I freaked out and cried for two days because I was scared my diamond ring was permanently damaged. So, you don’t worry even the slightest bit if you got glue on your precious baby. I’ve got all the solutions on how to remove glue from diamond engagement ring like a charm! DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO REMOVE GLUE FROM DIAMOND RING Is glue hard to remove from gold rings? How to remove super glue from the platinum ring? What to do when you have glue on your diamond? Why doesn’t the glue come off from my diamond ring, it was an accident? If your...

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Sensational Ways to Pick Birthstone Engagement Rings using your Birth Date

If you’re wondering why are birthstone engagement rings trending now, you’re really smart to find the secret pattern. People are reclaiming the metaphysical powers of gemstones and using it widely for holistic healing purposes. That’s why using birthstone engagement rings with nothing more than your birthday is cheap, affordable as well as right. Why do you think Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are married happily? Check the aquamarine engagement ring on Biel if you don’t believe us! How to Choose Birthstones for Engagement Rings using your Birth Date? What are the Benefits of picking Birthstones for Engagement Rings using your Birth Date? How to choose birthstone engagement rings? Is it good to wear engagement rings with your birthstone? Find...

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25 Breathtaking Poses for Diamond Engagement Ring Selfie

Looking for that creative, classic and breathtaking selfie pose to declare your engagement news? We’ve collected the most popular and hottest trending poses for diamond engagement ring selfie you need to check out. Start right NOW! 25 Enchanting Poses for Diamond Engagement Ring Selfie The right pose always adds such a sweetness to engagement. That’s why before you shout it to the world, you need to think of a creative and sweet pose that flaunts your ring without making you look like an idiot. Try our smartest engagement ring selfie poses ASAP! PS: Just click on the title to go to the original user and explore more engagment ring selfies of the kind. 1.      YES Placard Diamond Engagement Ring...

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