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9 Trendiest Best Diamond Engagement Ring Styles to Die for

What’s the best trending style of diamond engagement ring to buy this year? New designs have hit the racks and we’ve compiled the 9 sexiest diamond engagement ring styles you need to see right NOW. 8 Beautiful Best Diamond Engagement Ring Styles to Die for 1.      Caress In Rose Gold Engagement Ring Why is Caress in Rose Gold Diamond Perfect for Engagements? The ideal symbol of love, loaded with the noble metals and precious red colored diamond is a steal. The shimmering red beauty depicts the oneness of love. The swirling appeal of the diamond setting makes the fancy diamond perfect and unique for the ring. What are the Available Metal Options? The only option for Caress in Love...

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Complete Guide to Independent Appraisal for Loose Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are priceless. That’s why experts advise getting an independent appraisal for loose diamonds to ensure you’re paying the right price for the precious stone you’re buying. Did you know appraisals are not the same as diamond grading? We simplified the total know-how on what is an independent appraisal to finding the best appraiser for your loose diamonds. It will help you keep away from scams and find the best diamond you’ve ever seen. Get started already! What is Independent Appraisal for Loose Diamonds? An appraisal refers to the evaluation of a precious rock to assess its value based on the crystal structure. Appraisal for Loose Diamonds is necessary to ensure you’re paying the right price for the rock...

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Band Width for Her

Wedding bands are for life. They must be chosen carefully to ensure comfort, style and happiness with it. Amongst the millions of choices we have on wedding band styles, the width of the wedding band is a crucial choice. You must ask her about the band widths she prefers before placing the order. Before you buy the right wedding band width for her, explore the 7 types of the width of wedding bands you can choose for your engagement rings. 7 Types of Wedding Band Width Choices to Select from How to choose the right wedding band? Will she like it? What are the usual wedding band width women all over the world like? Explore the true secrets of...

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Why do People Like Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is the next big thing in Engagement Rings in 2018. It is called the space stone by many and better than diamond by others. Cheaper than diamond, moissanite also has diverse history from earth to stars. It is a stone of several mysteries and today we are going to uncover the value of moissanite engagement rings for brides of today. Do people wear moissanites? How good are moissanites against diamonds for engagement rings? Get all your questions answered in wink by experts in this 5 minute read below. What is a Moissanite Discovered in the late 19th century by Henry Moissan, Moissanite looks like a diamond, with a shine better than a diamond. Popular as Space Diamonds, Moissanite...

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9 Most Famous Diamond Choices for Engagement Rings

Looking for best diamond choices for engagement rings? We’ve got a list of top nine best affordable and unconventional engagement ring designs with and without the central diamonds. Choosing any of the below will make you a superstar bride/groom with rare taste in jewelry! 9 STUNNING Diamond Choices for Engagement Rings You Never Knew Explore the newest style of diamond choices engagement rings that makes you look amazing on your special day. 1.      Invisible Setting in your Diamond Ring What is the Invisible Setting in your Diamond Ring When your diamond engagement ring is set with prongs that do not look to gaudy or even prominent, it is called invisibly set diamond rings.  The mounting keeps the diamonds intact...

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What to Know about Tension Setting for Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the prominent new-age diamond settings, tension settings has been prevalent for three decades. It is one of the most dramatic settings, yet one that can go wrong because of many reasons. Tension set diamond engagement rings look breathtaking, but a small error in its make can lead to the loss of your precious diamond. Hence, assessing the total good and bad about tension settings for diamond engagement rings. What is a Tension Setting CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR THE ORIGINAL When a diamond or stone is set in mid-air using the tension set by the metal on its either sides creates a tension set ring. Introduced in the late 90s, tension settings have been a hot trend...

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