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Gonna Be A Bride In 2019? Get These Futuristic Engagement Rings!

Looking for an unconventional engagement ring design? You’ve come to the right place. Brace up because I’ve got the craziest engagement rings for a bride in 2019. Explore if you’re one! Click on the image of the ring you love to directly buy it 9 Most Popular Engagement Rings for Brides in 2019 ·      James Allen Bezel Set Blue Topaz ring A captivating design by Effy, James Allen Blue topaz engagement ring is made for the daring bride who loves colors. The central blue topaz is cut in emerald shape weighing 1.00 carats and the side diamonds accumulate up to0.05 carats. The eye clean diamonds have a G-H color and I1 to I2 clarity. It is cut in round...

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Everything You Need To Know About Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Did you know the three stone engagement ring represents the circle of life? It was first created to represent the hidden sides of union between a man and women. My parent’s wedding rings are made of three stone diamonds and now I know what holds them together is thicker than blood. But before you dive into other diamond ring styles, why don’t you listen to what the experts want to say about three-stone engagement rings including its pros and cons. Topics Explained in this Blog Post Guide for Selecting the Best Three-Stone Engagement Rings What is a Three Stone Engagement Ring? What does a 3-Stone Engagement Ring Mean? Alternate Names of Three-Stone Engagement Rings Pros of Three-Stone Engagement Rings...

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Why Choose A Custom Wedding Ring Design?

While the Egyptians preferred a thin band of gold in a circular fashion, today you can find all sorts of wedding ring designs that imitate the doctor who screwdriver to the ones that look like the stone is hanging in thin air. It’s your choice. It’s gonna be with you for a long long time. With more than 45% opting for a custom wedding ring design, everyone loves and eyeballs uniqueness. So, it goes without saying that to choose a custom wedding ring design is to invest more into your love. It will make your girlfriend scream yes and make you look like the sweetest hussy on the block. But before you do, let’s check the pros and cons...

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Which Is The Trending Ring Metal For 2018?

On an engagement ring, if you use platinum, it will be 95% pure while gold ranges from 91.6% to 58% purity. While the white metal platinum is rising in popularity, band of gold for engagement is still the best choice worldwide. What distinguishes the two? Find out today in our comprehensive comparison of trending ring metal for 2018 below. Investigating the Trending Ring Metal for 2018 From Heidi Klum to Jessica Biel, there is a uniform demand for gold and platinum engagement rings in the 21st century. Moreover, gold is older in history than platinum. What sets the two apart is not color because white gold is rising against the platinum probability in engagement rings all around the world....

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What to Know When You’re Resizing Diamond Engagement Rings

If your ring is becoming a pain on your hand than making it beautiful, a resizing might be due. The truth is, diamond engagement resizing is a simple process if this isn’t your first time. On the contrary, first time worries for resizing diamond engagement rings can be many. Will the jeweler do a good job? Does resizing bring down the quality or durability of my ring? How many days does it take to resize a ring? Hold on! It’s easier than you think. Go ahead! How to Check if your Ring is the Right Size? If you’re trying to pull off a loose ring on a stacked ring or tight ones, we can’t warn you enough. But, if...

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BRIDAL SET: 8 Best Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo

Finding the dream ring and band of your choice is not easy. I know the times I have struggled with gems and diamonds alone for months deciding if I wanted protection or appeal on my ring. I chose once I was sure I didn’t miss any design. Be confident like me by choosing the right engagement ring and band combo from the below! 8 Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combinations Are there special ring and band combos for engagement and bridal sets? Which is a trendy choice for wedding ring and band? Find answers to your questions in shimmers below! 1.      Passion Halo Wedding Set of Ring and Band from WHITEFLASH A stellar bridal set combo, Passion Halo...

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