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9 Amazing Engagement Rings For Your 2019 Proposal To See

When you’re looking for an engagement for the future, you need a design that never goes out of fashion. It needs to be chic to stay in style and classic enough to rake compliments. Is there such a mesmerizing design. Hell Ya! In fact, I have rounded the most unknown yet trustworthy engagement ring for your 2019 proposal that’s so much in still, you might feel eerie it’s straight outta your dreams. Care to check? Psst … click on the image of the ring you like to go directly to the website where you can buy it from. Fabulous Nine Engagement Rings for your 2019 Proposal Which is the most popular engagement ring for 2019 brides? Is there a...

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Are You Engraving Your Wedding Ring? Don’t Forget These Rules

Are you Engraving your Wedding ring? Don’t Forget these Rules Did you know engraving began in the middle ages?  Engraving is the act of transforming a circle of studded metal into the symbol of your love. If you’re considering engraving your wedding ring, start by finding answers to all the questions about engraving in your mind. That will set you at ease and give you creative ideas on how to go about it. Should I engrave my engagement ring? If you want to make your ordinary wedding ring into a novelty piece, it is best to get it engraved. But if you’re worried whether the ring will be pleasing or may have to return it, jewelers don’t accept engraved...

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What Damages Platinum? How To Care For Your Platinum Ring

One of the exclusive hypoallergenic metals, platinum is 30x rarer than gold. Do you know platinum does not oxidize or tarnish? This exceptional quality of platinum is the reason why Louis XVI called it the metal for kings. But, just any jewelry, platinum develops a patina and looks duller over the years. Why does it happen? More importantly, what can you do to care for your platinum ring? Let’s find out. How to Care For Your Platinum Ring Derived from the Spanish word ‘platino’ meaning little silver, platinum was first found by Spanish in the 16th century but wasn’t studied until the 18th century. However, history traces the use of platinum in Egypt as early as 1200 B.C. Do...

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How To Make Your Engagement Ring Look As Good As New?

Remember when you first say your engagement ring? You were smitten, right. At one point in time, if the whole world revolved around your ring, it might not be the same after a year or two. Perhaps you cared for your ring so much in the initial days that you completely forgot to set a schedule to clean it every once a while. The truth is, most of us are the same. Moreover, everything gets old with time. Don’t let anybody fool you saying that diamond is the hardest substance in the world and hence it won’t tarnish. Or that gold is the only thing that wouldn’t dull whatever you do. You need a more than a thorough cleaning...

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Gonna Be A Bride In 2019? Get These Futuristic Engagement Rings!

Looking for an unconventional engagement ring design? You’ve come to the right place. Brace up because I’ve got the craziest engagement rings for a bride in 2019. Explore if you’re one! Click on the image of the ring you love to directly buy it 9 Most Popular Engagement Rings for Brides in 2019 ·      James Allen Bezel Set Blue Topaz ring A captivating design by Effy, James Allen Blue topaz engagement ring is made for the daring bride who loves colors. The central blue topaz is cut in emerald shape weighing 1.00 carats and the side diamonds accumulate up to0.05 carats. The eye clean diamonds have a G-H color and I1 to I2 clarity. It is cut in round...

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Everything You Need To Know About Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Did you know the three stone engagement ring represents the circle of life? It was first created to represent the hidden sides of union between a man and women. My parent’s wedding rings are made of three stone diamonds and now I know what holds them together is thicker than blood. But before you dive into other diamond ring styles, why don’t you listen to what the experts want to say about three-stone engagement rings including its pros and cons. Topics Explained in this Blog Post Guide for Selecting the Best Three-Stone Engagement Rings What is a Three Stone Engagement Ring? What does a 3-Stone Engagement Ring Mean? Alternate Names of Three-Stone Engagement Rings Pros of Three-Stone Engagement Rings...

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