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Colorless Vs Near Colorless diamonds for Engagement Rings

One of the 4Cs of diamonds focuses on color. It determines the primary value of the diamond. But, when you’re thinking diamond engagement rings, does color really matter? ‘Near-colorless sound like no difference, anyway’, Is that what you’re thinking? In the next minute, I will prove you wrong. Read on! The Debate of Colorless Vs Near Colorless diamonds Cut determines how well you can catch the different colors of a diamond! The shape of a diamond also highlights the color of a diamond, if any. With a specific setting, you can put the spotlight on the color of your diamond. Let’s check the facts before ruling the verdict on colorless vs near colorless diamonds. What are Colorless Diamonds? While...

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What to Know When You’re Resizing Diamond Engagement Rings

If your ring is becoming a pain on your hand than making it beautiful, a resizing might be due. The truth is, diamond engagement resizing is a simple process if this isn’t your first time. On the contrary, first time worries for resizing diamond engagement rings can be many. Will the jeweler do a good job? Does resizing bring down the quality or durability of my ring? How many days does it take to resize a ring? Hold on! It’s easier than you think. Go ahead! How to Check if your Ring is the Right Size? If you’re trying to pull off a loose ring on a stacked ring or tight ones, we can’t warn you enough. But, if...

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How to Upgrade Your Diamond Ring in Simple Steps

Did you get an heirloom diamond ring that just doesn’t fit with your style? Don’t compromise your class, instead upgrade your diamond ring in any of the FIVE ways for a stylish makeover for your bauble. Why Upgrade your Diamond Ring? Change is constant, meaning it is the only thing that keeps changing. We all change, every moment of every day. Our favorite movies change, fave songs change and food too. In fact, there is very little constant in each of us. People upgrade diamond rings for all sorts of reasons and if you find a reason that sounds lucrative to you, it is not wrong to upgrade your diamond engagement rings. ·        You don’t Fancy the Style anymore...

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How You Can Avoid Diamond Switching Practices Smartly

Are you taking your diamonds to the jewelry for a quick professional clean? Watch out for fake diamonds because it has happened if you’re not smart enough. The truth is, diamond switching practices are rampant were certifications are limited. You must not blindly believe the jewelry just because he is encircled by valuable baubles. Find out all the ways to avoid diamond switching whenever you’re buying diamonds! What is Diamond Switching? Did you know the diamond can get switched when you’re mounting or parting for the setting? Switching diamonds with lower quality diamonds of cubic zirconia (synthetic stones with high brilliance) is a serious crime called diamond switching. Simulants and synthetic spinel or even glass is a common form...

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Everything you need to know about Clarity Enhancement in Diamond Rings

Did you know internal cracks and illusion might look pretty, but might break or chip your precious stone sooner than later? Getting a precious diamond filled can reduce up to 70% cost with double the brilliance. So, find out if you’re cut out for clarity enhanced diamonds because it can save up hundreds and thousands of dollars otherwise spent on a rock. If you’re thinking about brilliance, read the brilliant points of pros in the post below! What is a Clarity Enhancement? The process of clarity enhancement for diamonds was developed almost half a century ago by Israeli Diamond cutters. It is a method to fill the flaws or inclusions in diamonds with diamond-like elements. The treatment completely changes...

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BRIDAL SET: 8 Best Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo

Finding the dream ring and band of your choice is not easy. I know the times I have struggled with gems and diamonds alone for months deciding if I wanted protection or appeal on my ring. I chose once I was sure I didn’t miss any design. Be confident like me by choosing the right engagement ring and band combo from the below! 8 Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combinations Are there special ring and band combos for engagement and bridal sets? Which is a trendy choice for wedding ring and band? Find answers to your questions in shimmers below! 1.      Passion Halo Wedding Set of Ring and Band from WHITEFLASH A stellar bridal set combo, Passion Halo...

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