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9 Small Intimate Wedding Venues Hawaii For Getting Married

Thinking about a dream destination wedding? There’s no better place than heaven and heaven is in Hawaii. June is the best month to plan and book your beach or au natural wedding in the 50th State of U.S.A. I have awesome destinations in Hawaii for you, scroll away! Best Wedding Venues Hawaii for Getting Married According to the Knot Survey, 49% couples who get married in Hawaii have a formal-informal wedding while 39% do casual weddings and 6% as Black Tie wedding. Which one are you? Before you wonder and worry about further wedding planning, let’s lock down the perfect wedding destination in Hawaii, shall we? 1.    Get Married over the Teal Ocean View this post on Instagram Shot...

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What Damages Diamond Engagement Rings?

There is a story that Joseph Asscher prepared for months calculating the cleavage of $400 million diamond. He fainted after splitting the diamond perfectly, woke up and fainted again at the perfection of the cut! Even though Royal Asscher cut remains applaudable today, not every jeweler cuts the diamond properly and not every girl remembers to keep the rock away from cleavage plane. If you’re wondering the last part meant, your diamond education is weak and you need to get started ASAP! 7 Things That Damages Diamond Engagement Rings Isn’t diamond the hardest thing on earth? How can a diamond be destroyed? Is wearing a diamond engagement ring all the time bad for safety? What to do when you...

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11 Tempting Things Not To Do With your Engagement Ring On

Wearing the wedding ring 24×7 is the tradition. But, what if wearing it might pose fatal threats to the ring or you? That’s why you must know the crucial things not to do with your engagement ring. Our experts found 11 ways to keep your diamond ring super-safe. Start reading! List of 11 Things Not To Do With your Engagement Ring ·        Exercise When you work out, you also sweat out. The same contains salt to dullen the luster of the stone as well as the metal it is pronged upon. Where to keep your engagement ring when you exercise? You can remove the engagement ring and store it when you’re going to gym or workout sessions. ·        Pool...

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Your Guide to Synthetic Diamonds or Manmade Diamonds for Engagement Ring

Lab created diamonds are making the biggest boom because they are better than natural diamonds. They are harder, durable and more brilliant. Is it time to think synthetic diamonds for your engagement ring? Our experts have simplified everything about synthetic diamonds. Get started already! Synthetic Diamonds Explained Is synthetic diamond real? How are synthetic diamonds made? Are synthetic diamonds as good as real diamonds? How to produce synthetic diamond? Are synthetic diamonds cheap? Is synthetic diamond a mineral why or why not? Get all your questions answered right now! What are Lab Made Diamonds? Referred as manmade or lab created diamonds, synthetic diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory unlike underground like natural diamonds. They have perfect and proportionate crystal...

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What is Diamond Symmetry? Expert’s Evaluate Symmetry of Diamonds

Does diamond symmetry actually matter? While Diamond Pros says diamond symmetry is negligible, how much light performance is affected by poor diamond symmetry? Explore the answers with our experts now. What is diamond symmetry? A diamond is called symmetrical when all the facets on it are proportionate. To ensure the facets on the diamond are excellent, gemologists take the shape, alignment, and location of the facets from one another. In technical terms, the symmetry of diamonds refers to the proportion or alignment of the above and below facets with respect to the girdle of the diamond. Why does Diamond Symmetry matter? Diamond symmetry is not as crucial for the brilliance as much as Cut or Clarity. However, if you...

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12 Silent Rules when picking the Diamonds for your Engagement Ring

If you’re wondering about the best tips and advice to prep you to pick the best diamonds for your engagement ring, our experts can help you out. We created a list of twelve unshared and little-known rules to help you become a pro at diamonds in the next ten minutes! 12 Rules to Keep in Mind When Choosing Diamonds for your Engagement Ring Are you stuck on how to avoid getting ripped off buying diamonds online? We can help you out. All you need to do is reserve the next ten minutes without getting disturbed and start reading! 1.      Always Take a Second Opinion when picking choosing diamonds Diamonds are very valuable. The same is why, you must not...

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