Brilliance Diamond Ring Review

Brilliance Diamond Ring Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Shoppers Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Brilliance in 63 words? is indeed one of the largest online engagement rings retailers. As expected, we found some bad reviews and customers’ complaints on a variety of issues, from missing the sold diamond, shipping delays and values differences between the GIA report to a jeweler evaluation. Some of those misleading problems, seem to us as a major turn off when recommending Brilliance.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Brilliance in 55 words?

This is definitely one of the most users’ experiences designed online engagement rings store, a straight forth landing page, linking you to your chosen section of where to begin with, offering a logic number of different complete engagement rings, aside from a do it yourself large variety of diamonds, settings and other stones and rings.

Brilliance Facts:

Brilliance is a LLC online jeweler, head office is located in Florida, founded in 1988. The CEO is Jonatan Ohayon.

Brilliance- The Full Engagement Ring Story:

Brilliance is a Florida diamond store, founded more than 25 years ago, offering diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and more fine diamond and gem jewelries. This website has all the expected from an online diamond jewelry store. A large range of prices, good return policies, lifetime trade in and various warranty policies, are the base of every diamond dummies prior to purchase, moreover, any of us could find some beautiful designed diamond rings and custom sold engagement rings, along with nice celebrity engagement rings bonus. On the one hand, as presented above, I find some less happy customers who have published their stories online, and sometimes received disappointing replies. On the contrary, easy to reach, are hundreds or thousands of happy fiancés, second buyers or other dummies who were as well thrilled to share their positive experiences.

Brilliance Customers Complaints:

Disappointment upon this online diamond shop comes from a few different categories. To begin with, payment issues are common within these people, both for a long waiting for bank transfer approval, along with an outstanding refund duration. Complaints go forth, considering a long time shipment waiting, accompanied by unacceptable excuses of the agents over the phone. Last but definitely not least, I must mention some complaints concerning the final diamond rings quality, it seems that some dummies have received scratched or chipped diamonds without even noticing.

Is brilliance a fraud?

I find this online website one of the most thoughtful and dummies friendly by means of visually presented diamond rings, optional engagement ring designs, customer protection policies and more. On the contrary, I was pushed back by customer complaints and by the website operators and their reactions for these complaints. Overall, I am sure that this website is a real online diamond retailer, Brilliance is not a scam.

My Final Conclusion:

Brilliance is a great online engagement rings shop, we highly recommend visiting and buying from Though we are disturbed by some negative reviews, by inspecting them we found reasonable responses.

Brilliance Ratings:

User Friendly 16/20

Definitely one of the straight forth-online engagement rings websites, offering easy navigation for some basic options along with a do it yourself designs, loose diamonds and settings. All customer care policies published on the landing page; nothing demands a hard research between different pages.

Variety Of Diamonds 16/20

This category is a bit painful at brilliance, offering a small number of all set diamond engagement rings. Inspecting other options, comes up to a few thousands engagement rings. Though the variety of objects is not big, prices are to fit any pocket you have.

Shoppers Support 13/20

No online chat, no answer moments after payment is made, bad ongoing customer service, puts brilliance in the category of dummies nightmares shopping support.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 17/20

All shipments are free and express, but Saturdays delivery or an overnight delivery for purchases under 2000$. Payment is available with all major credit cards and PayPal. Shipping is free, to your house or nearest store for personal pickup.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 12/20

A 30-days return policy, refunds will be prosecuted by your payment method, please consider that it would take a long time. Trade in policy is available, reducing 15% of the original payment. Brilliance also applies a lifetime warranty on all products.

9 Reviews

  1. Brilliance didn’t used to be a top retailer in my mind. They’ve obviously put in a lot of time and effort to improve customer experience through the entire process. I will go as far as to say is better than sites like BlueNile and BrilliantEarth on many points. Good job to them!

  2. As a longtime retail store jewelry buyer, I recently began searching online for my next diamond/jewelry purchase. I stumbled upon Brilliance after a Google search and spent quite a bit of time on their site. Before making my purchase, as I do with all larger purchases, I did my due diligence researching reviews of Brilliance. There was an overwhelming number of happy and satisfied online on all of the review sites – I spent nearly an hour reading them all from sites all over the web. That’s where I can’t agree with the authors seemingly (negative) biased review of Brilliance. Some things in this article are flat out factually incorrect. Not only are the vast majority of reviews online positive (nearly 99% of everything I have read was a 5 star rating), there are numerous statements that need to be corrected in this article. I had an amazing and educational experience with one of their diamond experts on their live chat feature, which this article says doesn’t exist. To me, their excellent customer support is what separates Brilliance from the rest! To the author, I would do some research and fact check before publishing a full featured review that lacks correct information. To diamond buyers, I highly recommend Brilliance – they were extremely helpful during my purchase and I recommend them to all my friends! Just google CONSUMER reviews and read them all for yourself!

  3. I don’t normally do this but I had to leave a glowing review after getting my stunning custom ring. In short:

    I stumbled upon after doing a couple Google searches to find the perfect center diamond for my 35th Wedding Anniversary. I called up Brilliance and was immediately helped by John Rios. He spent a ton of time with me explaining the 4C’s and what to look for (and what not to look for) when purchase a diamond.

    After a couple of phone calls/emails I ended up purchasing a 2 carat Emerald cut loose diamond that was GIA certified. When I received the diamond I took it to a local appraiser who valued the stone at nearly 65% more then what I paid for it. When I called John to thank him for his service and advice he asked me what I was doing for a setting and convinced me to let him quote out a vintage ring design modeled after a design my wife showed me when we were dating (over 35 years ago).

    Just like with the diamond purchase, John took the time to work with me on the setting and his team designed and made my wife’s ring. When I got the finished ring back in my hands I was blown away with the detail/finish of the ring. Additionally going with Brilliance saved me thousands! No question about it… I will never shop for a diamond or ring anywhere else.

  4. I will update this later with a full account of events, but in an effort to ward off any poor soul considering buying from them today, please tread carefully. Jonathan, the owner, and his cast of characters are full of excuses and lies. I have all correspondence between them as well as notes from today’s recorded call with my credit card company to substantiate my review. All I can say at this moment is run don’t walk away from this “company”. Perhaps you’ll have a decent experience, but it’s not worth the chance to have the experience I had with them. Take your business to more established, better reviewed companies like Blue Nile and James Allen.

  5. Всем привет !

  6. Don’t believe all these websites telling you to steer clear of Brilliance! I was nervous buying a diamond online, but my experience with Brilliance couldn’t have been better.Erin my diamond expert was very nice and patient with me. She answered ALL my MANY questions and video request! I ended up getting a 2.0 Carat Diamond and I saved THOUSANDS of dollar buying it from Brilliance. Don’t waste your money buying a diamond from anywhere else.

  7. The diamond is great because we get to select which one we wanted. But their inventory report sucks. I ordered twice from them, both times the diamonds I picked were out of stock, after I paid. They contacted me right away saying the diamond is unavailable and gave other options that similar to what I selected.
    The shipping also sucks. Both orders had problems to deliver to my address. They asked if I have specific date to receive the order and I specifically asked for certain date, but they dont deliver it. They said they tried to reach me but I dont get any calls/emails.
    I believe in second chance that is why I ordered the second time, but not third chance. So yeah the price point is pretty good but service sucks. You get what you paid for. Go for or who both of them go through hell and high water to contact me with my problem. With its me who go through hell instead.


    I have transferred money to Jonathan the owner of the company as a payment for a piece of jewelry and that was 6 months ago and till now I have not received what I have ordered and NO RESPONSE to any of my emails or calls and no refund. HE JUST TOOK MY MONEY AND IGNORED ME


    I have transferred money to Jonathan the owner of the company as a payment for a piece of jewelry and that was 6 months ago and till now I have not received what I have ordered and NO RESPONSE to any of my emails or calls and no refund. HE JUST TOOK MY MONEY AND IGNORED ME

    I am updating my review as per the reply I got from
    because the moment this review went up I started getting calls and massages asking me to remove the review otherwise I will not get my money back WHICH by policy it should have been refunded the moment the merchandise could’t be deliver. REGARDLESS of any review. I don’t recall reading on their website you won’t get your money back if you write a bad review.


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