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Beaverbrooks Engagement Rings Review

Beaverbrooks Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping & Insurance
  • Returns, Refunds and Trade- in

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Beaverbrooks In 114 Words?

You shouldn’t buy your engagement rings from Beaverbrooks either because you do not like being served like royalty in a jewelry or because the price-tags at Beaverbrooks are out of the world! Owing to the fact that Beaverbrooks is a highly experienced diamond seller, it also has a wide expanse of customers all over the world. This diamond vendor surely has innovative designs with price tags that sometimes rocket the sky and other times, the moon!

So, don’t bother buying from Beaverbrooks if you’re looking for a low-quality or cheap engagement rings. Beaverbrooks is one of the best trusted diamond merchants and it is impossible to find a low-quality jewel when shopping with Beaverbrooks.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Beaverbrooks in 138 words?

Almost a century old face for wedding and engagement rings, Beaverbrooks is renowned for their mesmerizing and unique engagement rings all across the world.

Here are our reasons why should purchase Beaverbrooks for your engagement:

  • Excellent Customer Service: Intelligent staffs that ask smart questions and brings the perfect diamond that fits you.
  • Breathtaking Wedding and Engagement Ring Designs: At Beaverbrooks you have a wide variety of designs to make your dream engagement ring come true!
  • Price Matching: To match any price those appeals to you for the identical Beaverbrooks item, so that you always save money while shopping with Beaverbrooks.
  • Click & Collect: This is a free of cost feature exclusive to Beaverbrooks and is popular for its hassle-free shopping.
  • Free Shipping: Guaranteed Free Shipping for all orders with utmost safety and guarantee

Beaverbrooks Facts:

Beaverbrooks is a British jeweller. Established in 1919, with the opening of its first store in Belfast and still a family-owned business, with direct descendants of the founders,the custodians. The CEO is Anna Blackburn and has been around since 1919, almost a hundred years ago, Beaverbrooks is certainly a jeweler who knows exactly what its every customer needs. Having started as a silversmith before the Great Wars, Beaverbrooks has stood the test of time, humanity and proved its reliability. Beaverbrooks is a family-run business, founded by Addlestone Brothers- Maurice, Isaac and Harry. Currently, Beaverbrooks now has 64 stores in the United Kingdom managed by 850 working staff!

Beaverbrooks- The Full Review:

All of the customer reviews online has surprised us because 99% of them had an intimate anecdote to share when talking about their shopping experience with Beaverbrooks. Another feature that we loved from Beaverbrooks is its unique money saver option for customers called Price Matching.

This is an eternal promise from Beaverbrooks to match the price of any identical product on the market with their own. Some other goodies that got our smiles are the Click & Collect, Lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects and free returns. They also offer an attractive package of 0% Interest Free Credit that provides an option to pay in installments of 6 to 48 months.

Beaverbrooks Customer Complaints

According to Better Business Bureau, there are no complaints registered against Beaverbrooks in the past 97 years of its extraordinary service. However, we found a handful of complaints from unverified purchases online and could not confirm their fidelity and hence.

Is Beaverbrooks a Fraud?

Beaverbrooks has shown the test of time since many decades. In fact, in its early years, Beaverbrooks was the only jewelers with a private fitting room. Beaverbrooks is definitely not a con artiste or fraud. In fact, Beaverbrooks has ingenious charity drives like Workplace Giving to which it has given over £7 Million to charity in the last 15 years!

Beaverbrooks Final Verdict

To us, Beaverbrooks is the diamond in the sky that everyone wants on their ring! Based on the unbiased weighing of pros, cons and customer satisfaction, Beaverbrooks is an ideal diamond seller with cutting-edge equipment, mesmerizing skills and exceptional skills.

Beaverbrooks Ratings

User Friendly 16/20

We found the website to be extremely customer friendly. It answered all our questions and provided details of diverse selections based on the style, metal or brand within 100 years of Beaverbrooks’ history.

Variety Of Diamonds 18/20

Some of their most popular designs of engagement rings are in Diamond, Silhouette rings, Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Pearl, Silver and Luxury ranges.

Customer Shopping Support 19/20

The website also has a prompt shopping support that answers within 12-24 hours of sending the request as it did with us. We had an exciting time shopping the best collection of exclusively engagement rings, as their customer assistance was amazing to meet.

Payment, Shipping & Insurance 18/20

Beaverbrooks also provides multiple delivery options such as Standard, which includes Free Delivery to nearby store as well as Click & Collect; Next Day Delivery, which is free for, orders above £750 while Express delivery includes Same day delivery when ordered on Thursdays (before 15:00). They also provide free shipping and a lifetime warranty on all defects of craftsmanship.

Returns, Refunds and Trade- in 17/20

Beaverbrooks offers a free item-return option along with 14-30 days full refund option, depending on the item. We have read multiple reviews where customers were extremely happy seeing how serious Beaverbrooks was to ensure their satisfaction, even in cases of 5-6 re-sizing at times! Beaverbrooks is an online jewelry name you can trust!

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  1. Lovely designs! Very well planned website an d some nice rings.
    Unfortunatly second choice, so i didnt buy there!

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