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How You Can Avoid Diamond Switching Practices Smartly

Are you taking your diamonds to the jewelry for a quick professional clean? Watch out for fake diamonds because it has happened if you’re not smart enough. The truth is, diamond switching practices are rampant were certifications are limited. You must not blindly believe the jewelry just because he is encircled by valuable baubles. Find out all the ways to avoid diamond switching whenever you’re buying diamonds! What is Diamond Switching? Did you know the diamond can get switched when you’re mounting or parting for the setting? Switching diamonds with lower quality diamonds of cubic zirconia (synthetic stones with high brilliance) is a serious crime called diamond switching. Simulants and synthetic spinel or even glass is a common form...

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Why You Should Check Claddagh Wedding Rings For Luck In Love

Did you know the symbol of holding hands on a Claddagh ring is the same as the Roman symbol for pledging? With time, Claddagh came to being after ‘fede’ rings and European as well as Irish improvisations. The history of Claddagh Wedding Rings makes it one of the most popular traditional designs to consider when buying a Claddagh wedding ring. Guide to Claddagh Rings When I was looking out for the best diamond engagement ring, Claddagh was a superior design because it meant much more than what it looked. I was smitten! That’s why I wrote this post so that you can fall in love with this rich and heirloom design of engagement rings popular around the world. What...

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What to Ask when Getting a Custom Engagement Ring for Surety

Most celebrity engagement rings are custom designed. So, are all the royal ones. In fact, if you want to keep your love evergreen and unique, you need a custom engagement ring that represents your love than a traditional wire knot. Today I will surprise you with all the guidance you need to get a custom engagement ring. Why make a Custom Engagement Ring with Diamond? Getting exactly what represents your love is hard with ready-made engagement rings. Although you can resize rings, you can’t change it on one fine day because it is the ring that stays until the last breath with you.  That’s why custom engagement rings are important. If you want a special ring design that conveys...

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The first lady to best musicians and Hollywood celebs, solitaire is a fave engagement ring setting that shows off the ring. It’s been the fave for women since ages and that’s why I decided to compile this post on how to buy a solitaire diamond engagement ring after checking all the settings and the right reasons to buy it. This five-minute read is all you need to find your dream solitaire proposal ring! What is a solitaire diamond engagement ring? From engagement rings to bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces or toe anklets, solitaire setting refers to the presence of one diamond on the piece of jewelry. The same is why solitaire diamond engagement rings highlight one rock in the...

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Everything you need to know about Clarity Enhancement in Diamond Rings

Did you know internal cracks and illusion might look pretty, but might break or chip your precious stone sooner than later? Getting a precious diamond filled can reduce up to 70% cost with double the brilliance. So, find out if you’re cut out for clarity enhanced diamonds because it can save up hundreds and thousands of dollars otherwise spent on a rock. If you’re thinking about brilliance, read the brilliant points of pros in the post below! What is a Clarity Enhancement? The process of clarity enhancement for diamonds was developed almost half a century ago by Israeli Diamond cutters. It is a method to fill the flaws or inclusions in diamonds with diamond-like elements. The treatment completely changes...

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