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Complete Guide to Independent Appraisal for Loose Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are priceless. That’s why experts advise getting an independent appraisal for loose diamonds to ensure you’re paying the right price for the precious stone you’re buying. Did you know appraisals are not the same as diamond grading? We simplified the total know-how on what is an independent appraisal to finding the best appraiser for your loose diamonds. It will help you keep away from scams and find the best diamond you’ve ever seen. Get started already! What is Independent Appraisal for Loose Diamonds? An appraisal refers to the evaluation of a precious rock to assess its value based on the crystal structure. Appraisal for Loose Diamonds is necessary to ensure you’re paying the right price for the rock...

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Effects of Sunlight on Fluorescence of Diamonds

Fluorescence can be used to save up costs of up to 20% on your center rock when you’re going diamond shopping for the wedding. Explore the complete guide on what fluorescence of diamonds are as well as the 5 types to ensure you’re buying a great diamond will guide you in the post below. Get started! How do I Understand Diamond Fluorescence? Fluorescence occurs in many gemstones. The property of fluorescence is one of the many optical illusions you can see in natural gemstones. When a gemstone absorbs the UV light, it glows in another color. This optical quality of diamonds is referred to as diamond fluorescence. In the diamond report by GIA approved gemologists, you will notice fluorescence...

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Simple to Understand differences between Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wedding band after the engagement ring or vice-versa. There are certain expert tricks to use when you’re digging up everything on engagement rings and wedding bands. Avoid costly errors by listening to our experts define Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings in detail. We’ve also added when to choose both the rings and the parameters to help you choose the best rings! What are Engagement Rings? Engagement ring signifies the ‘yes’ of your beloved to your proposal to spend the rest of your life with each other. Engagement as a ritual was first introduced by the Catholic Church by Pope Innocent III in the 15th century. But, it was DeBeers who popularized the...

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Why get Independent Appraisal for Diamonds if you’re Smart

Buying your diamonds from a credible seller is not enough if you want to buy an authentic diamond. You must head straight to the appraiser from the diamond shop with the rock to ensure you’re not cheated. We’ve compiled 8 crucial reasons why independent appraisal for diamonds is mandatory if you don’t want to lose money. 8 Outrageously REAL Reasons for Getting Independent Appraisal for Diamonds Why get an independent appraisal? What is the real benefit of diamond appraisals? How to avoid getting cheated by fishy diamond geezers? Get all your questions about an independent appraisal for diamonds answered NOW! 1.      Doubtful if the Jeweler is Cheating You If you’re uncertain about the jeweler you’re buying from, the best...

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10 Crucial Questions to Ask your Diamond Stone Appraiser

  Grading and assessing the value of diamonds along with their price is called a diamond appraisal. Although independent appraisals are ideal, you cannot trust every appraiser you meet. To avoid costly errors when submitting insurance claims, you must start with the right questions when selecting your diamond appraiser.   What are the Most Important Questions to Ask Diamond Appraiser   1.      What equipment do you use to Grade Diamonds? Not every appraiser uses the same equipment unless you confirm so.  A certified appraiser always has a set of master stones, thus named for the perfect grades. In addition, a good appraiser must have 10x to 60x Microscope, Dichroscope, Fibre Optic Lighting, Interference Figure Ball, Refractometer, Specific Gravity solutions,...

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