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Birthstone Engagement Rings: Garnet For January

You are looking for the best center stone for your engagement ring that will make it pop out and convey the symbol of your matrimony. Birthstone engagement rings can do that and much more. They are special stones that are precious too. Garnet is a red stone that can highlight your engagement ring, accenting beautifully. If you or your girlfriend’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, garnet for January fits the best. Let’s find out why.   Why Garnet? Garnet is a beautiful stone that has been in use since 5,000 years. It is a stone that is said to support and uplift your traits as a Capricorn. Garnet is also beautiful with pink and red fluorescence under the laser.  A...

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How To Translate Your Engagement Ring Visions Into The Jeweler’s Language?

If you have a clear about your engagement ring, let me congratulate you first. Picking the right engagement ring is a choice that comes with many responsibilities. But, you can steer clear if you know how to put your simple definitions and desires for the ring shape, size, stone, color and so on into the language of the jeweler. So, this is a post to help you out just do that! Let’s begin. 8 Ways to Translate your Engagement Ring Visions into the Jeweler’s LANGUAGE Let me be honest, most people don’t have an idea about their engagement ring. Either they go for the one that catches the eye in a few minutes or keep getting the wrong one....

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The Best Colored Stone Earrings For Bridal Wear

Alternative to the wallet minting diamonds, colored stones earrings accent your neckline and make you look like a goddess with a unique halo. It is standing out and different from the crowd, perfect for a bride to be. The Art of Picking Colored Stone Wedding Earrings for the Wedding Day With the diamond industry facing threats of ethical mining, it is always a good option to go for unique gemstones. They have brilliance and luminescence with a dash of distinct charm. When you’re picking colored stone jewelry for your wedding day, it is best to look at the best to have an estimate of the budget and options. I have picked seven dazzling best-colored stone earrings from reputable vendors...

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13 Questions Answered About Diamond Engagement Rings

When you’re buying a diamond engagement ring and planning a wedding, you need the creamy layer of advice. I know you have endless questions, new ones every day, but let me help you straighten out some of the answers after being there and done that. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to hit on the comments below and our experts will reach you within a day at most! 13 Questions Answered about diamond Engagement Rings in Detail from Real Experience Buying a diamond engagement ring is not like buying a new plant or rug for the house. It’s the core of your wedding planning that you wear as a souvenir every day together. You need to be thorough...

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Beauty Of Colored Stone Necklace For Brides To Be

Gemstones are making the raves as the trending jewelry for nuptials including engagement rings. It is trendy and special. If you select your colored stone and get a necklace made for your wedding, it will make you stand out. Better yet, I have chosen some of the best designs of colored stone necklace for brides to be so that you don’t have to hunt left, right and center. Good luck picking the best! Why wear a colored stone necklace on your wedding day? I have found colored stones can be auspicious for marriages. If you choose by your birthstone, colored stones or gemstones can really make you stand out. Feel free to click on the image to find the original...

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