Smart Ways to avoid online Diamond scams

Smart Ways to avoid online Diamond scams From spending $60,000 for a $7 zirconia stone mistaking it as a diamond to switcharoo, there are endless ways how online scams on diamond buyers run. Being on your guard is not only mandatory to get your dream rock, but also make sure what you’re priding isn’t going to be a faux...

Non Diamonds Engagement Rings Review

What Are Non Diamonds Engagement Rings? Read our review and find out all there is to know!

Beware Of The Conflict! Buy Your Conflict Free Diamonds

Guide to Buying Conflict Free Diamonds There is a natural distinction between conflict free diamonds and conflict diamonds, as both are mined to hold equal monetary value. The sole distinction is the aspect of humanity. Over the years, the diamond industry has seen manifolds of certifications to value and source the truth about diamond mining. With mushroom growth of...

Cut of a Diamond

To most diamond enthusiasts, cut of a diamond defines its style and outlook. The same is why, the misconception that cut of a diamond refers to the shape of a diamond is silly. Nevertheless, the truth is that, cut is not the shape, but the symmetry of a diamond. One easy way to determine if your diamond is of poor or superlative cut is its luminescence. Simply put, the sparkle of the diamond determines the efficiency of its cut.

Carat of a Diamond

From being equivalent to the fruit of a carob tree to grains and nano weights, diamond grading has evolved much over the past centuries. Today, the value of a diamond is not determined based on one aspect alone, but many. Being one of the vital 4Cs, carat or weight of diamonds is used to determine the physical value of the diamond’s mass. While magic weight can add a drastic increase to your bill, diamonds should be bought with a highlight on its value and lack of value, than weight alone.