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Adiamor Engagement Rings Review

Adiamor Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety of diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Adiamor in 55 words?

Adiamor diamonds has failed several time with online customers, some common examples are engagement rings that have been online, chosen by a client and after adding to cart, paying and leaving the online shop, clients were followed by an announcement claiming that the product does not exist anymore and that their purchase has been canceled.

Though some difficulties, we believe that an appropriate apologize can solve any issue!

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Adiamor in 61 words?

Adiamor holds the fame as a leading online company, it has been one of the first to sell engagement rings online. Adiamor is an award winning according to online wedding forums and customer protection authorities. It is easy to see that Adiamor diamonds are out there with clean, simple and a large variety site that offers you everything you need.

We especially liked the simple and clean design of the on-line store, the fast reply of any e-mail we sent and the honesty of the representatives.

Adiamor “A Day of Love” Facts:

Adiamor is a Jewelry Store, the address is: 510 W 6th St Suite 1200, Los Angeles, CA 90014, United States

Business Hours:

Friday 7AM–7PM
Saturday 9AM–4PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 7AM–7PM
Tuesday 7AM–7PM
Wednesday 7AM–7PM
Thursday 7AM–7PM

Adiamor was founded by Avo Sarkisian, Adiamor still runs by the family, went online on 1998, which means almost 20 years of experience!

Is Adiamor diamonds a fraud?

Adiamor diamonds is an main player, responsible for her clients and measured by the very high quality customer protection authorities as BBB and others. According to wedding forums, please customers and responds of Adiamor to pi**ed customers, we clearly believe that Adiamor is not another engagement ring fraud.

Adiamor customers Complaints

Adiamor diamonds customers complain about diamonds that has been sold out to others after making a purchase, along with shipping delays.

As for shipping delays, I must give it a very small weight… this is not shippingthatsucks, but as for diamonds that has been sold out, that really is under any standard expected…

We are glad to mention that Adiamor have good respond lines to official complaints.

Adiamor diamonds – the full Review

Adiamor diamonds is an LA company, went online more than 15 years ago, selling engagement rings and other jewelries, according to all expected regulations, including conflict free policy and a very high BBB rating. Adiamor diamonds has won some awards in customer reviews on the weeding world forums. Adiamor has a very clean and simple to use site, an educational section with easy to read manuals for buying an engagement ring. Adiamor diamonds is giving you some extras on top of choosing your diamond; you will find some proposal suggestions along with gift ideas etc’.

 My final conclusion

Counting down all measures, including the very nice variety, the basics fails causing dissapointed customers, some very good reviews, high rated compliments and high ranks on customer care programs, we recommend Adiamor for engagement ring shopping.

Adiamor Ratings

User Friendly 18/20

As I clicked on Adiamor, I have noticed that these guys are straight to business; for example- an instant link shows for what most of us are looking for- engagement rings and siblings, underneath you can find a loose diamond search engine and all main regulations of shipping, resize and refund on the spot.

Variety of diamonds 18/20

As a leading and one of the oldest online sellers, Adiamor holds an enormous number of different diamonds, rings, styles and other jewelries, in particular, there are over 150,000-listed diamond!

Customer Shopping Support 16/20

An online chat is available within business hours, though I had to wait quite a while for an answer, the chat was not fluent but the operator was nice and helpful.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 18/20

A payment must be done with American credit cards, PayPal or bank wire, some not so good financing offers are available. Shipping is free with a very low limit of 250$ for an overnight or 2nd day FedEx and requires adult signature, all completely insured, in addition a large number of countries outside the US are included on Adiamor shipping list, with some extra shipping fee and taxes.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 18/20

As a company leading line, a 30-days return is available upon any product, with all regulations as other retailers concerning packaging etc’. A lifetime diamond upgrade is available, under a bit less convenient limits; the new purchased diamond must be at least twice expensive than the one you return. Not no.1 in trade in programs.


  1. I shopped my last ring on adiamor, it wasmy promotion gift from my husband and we went there together.
    I must mention the helpful and peaceful staff, who made no pressure and surprisingly even they recommended a bit less expensive ring from the twp i was thinking of!
    Would definitely go once again to adiamor and I recommend everyone to pay a visit!

  2. I tried to buy a diamond from them. It seemed to be such a good deal, and after I paid, they told me that it wasn’t available. They have another one just like it, but of course it’s more money. It’s the old bait and switch. Be careful as it seems to happen allot with them.

  3. I bought my engagement ring and band from them 11 years ago 2005. Just recently went back and bought a 2nd band to go on other side. I made mustake with metals. Called and they are sending me another ring out and ill ship this one back. No hassles at all from adiamor. Very good customer service. Jeweler said i got a good deal!! Love and highly recommend them.

  4. i have purchase my engagement ring with them and picked my diamond, after my transaction was completed I was so happy and excited I was finally going to have it.. 3days later they call me letting me know someone else bough my diamond… are you kidding me? after 4 days they call stating they found a similar one, less carat and more expensive? I said NO and cancel my order. I was so heart broken and a year later I still have no ring. now I don’t trust anyone and cant help to resent Adiamor. don’t shop there go elsewhere maybe BlueNile ive heard great reviews.

  5. Adiamor provides great value and customer service. They will work with you to find a great diamond or ring within your budget!

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